Update Info

Release [ 2010-09-30 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Revised - The Tenant/Applicant Screening feature to allow multiple Company ID's to be added and used for submitting reports to ONLINE Rental Exchange .. Added - Fax and Email fields to the Address Book which can also be automatically inserted in Recertification Notice form ( Verifications, etc. ) generations.

ACCOUNTING: Revised - The Batch/Deposit Report feature with the option to choose a Portrait or Landscaped version of the Batch Sunmmary .. Revised - The Tenant Ledger Report feature with the option to choose a Portrait or Landscaped version of the Tenant Ledger Report .. Fixed - The incorrect street address issue that was being inserted when using the new Tenant ID ( T-ID ) selection feature in the A/P Check Disbursement Entry feature .. Added - The ability to include other deposit related Tenant Charge Codes ( Ex: Pet Deposit, Storage Space Deposit, etc. ) to the Security Deposit Report in addition to SECDEP activity .. Revised - The Check Printing Process feature for MICR check generation to no longer split the total check amount over separate checks when over 18 A/P entry invoice details exist.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - The calculated Vacancy Loss amount in the Determine Income Needed from Rent window of the RD 3560-7 Project Budget to help with this form's proposed budget preparation.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The Termination process to accurately calculate the adjustment when subsidy is terminated due to Double Subsidy at Move-in which includes the Termination Effective Date not normally included with other termination actions.


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