Accounting Features

Accounting Features
Accounting features are built-in to FHA Software, eliminating the need to integrate, interface or import data elements from another module or third party product. FHA Software is the only software program that truly provides compliance and accounting in one software solution. As it is throughout FHA Software, the accounting feature is not locked in time. Tenant receivables are automatically charged, eliminating the monthly close-out or tenant charge process required by other accounting software. The accounting feature is also not project entry specific. A/R, A/J, and A/P entries for multiple projects can be entered at the same time, at the same entry window. Both Cash and accrual accounting methods are supported. All applicable Security Deposit Refund entries are automatically created in a one step process. Activating a mid-month move-in certification automatically charges Security Deposit and pro-rates first month rent. The same applies to mid-month move-outs with last month pro-rations. Creating A/P and Tenant A/R entries for project maintenance is done from the Work Order window. In essence, entries effecting the accounting feature are created throughout the FHA Software program, not just within an accounting window. This is truly seamless compliance and accounting functionality.

Small projects and large management agents that want simple accounting capabilities, without integration hassles and entry restrictions are ideally suited for FHA Software's built-in Accounting feature.

The following menu options are available in FHA Software's - Accounting menu section ...
  • Accounting Defaults
  • Tenant Charge Codes
  • Payment Alerts
  • Bank Accounts
  • Vendor Accounts
  • Chart of Accounts
  • A/R - Tenant Payment Entry
  • A/R - Online Rent Collection Import
  • Recurring Tenant Charges
  • A/J - Adjustment Journal Entry
  • A/P - Check Disbursement Entry
  • A/P - Check Disbursement Summary
  • A/P - Aged Payables Report
  • A/P - Check Listing
  • A/P - Recurring Check Listing
  • A/P - QuickBooks Payroll Import
  • A/P - Positive Pay Banking Export
  • Check Printing Process
  • Void Checks Process
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Bank Balance Summary
  • Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet (Current vs Prior Month)
  • Balance Sheet (Current vs Prior Year)
  • Balance Sheet (12 Month Report)
  • Balance Sheet (12 Month Trailing Trend)
  • Trial Balance
  • Operating Statement (MTD & YTD Actuals)
  • Operating Statement (MTD & YTD Actuals with Cost Per Unit)
  • Operating Statement (MTD & YTD Actuals with Budgets)
  • Operating Statement (MTD Budget Comparison)
  • Operating Statement (YTD Budget Comparison)
  • Operating Statement (12 Month Actual Calendar/Fiscal)
  • Operating Statement (12 Month Actual Trailing Trend)
  • Operating Statement (12 Month Budget Calendar/Fiscal)
  • Operating Statement (12 Month Budget Trailing Trend)
  • Operating Statement (MTD Actuals w/Prior Year Comparisons)
  • Operating Statement (YTD Actuals w/Prior Year Comparisons)
  • General Ledger Summary
  • General Ledger Detail (Portrait)
  • General Ledger Detail (Landscaped)
  • Batch/Deposit Report
  • Check Register Report
  • Vendor Ledger Report
  • IRS 1099 Form Processing
  • Rent Roll Summary
  • Rent Roll Detail
  • Aged Receivables Summary
  • Aged Receivables Detail
  • Rent Statements
  • Tenant Ledger Summary
  • Tenant Ledger Detail
  • Delinquent Rent Report
  • Security Deposit Summary
  • Security Deposit Detail
  • Security Deposit Interest Refunds
  • Security Deposit Refund
  • Security Deposit Historical Entry
  • Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP)
  • Close Batch Process
  • Close Month Process
  • G/L Posting Utility
  • Purge A/R Entry Detail
  • Purge A/J Entry Detail
  • Purge A/P Entry Detail

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