Rural Development (RD) Features

RD Features
Since 1985, FHA Software has successfully provided automation compliance for managers of Rural Development (RD) projects. With RD's current mandatory electronic submission requirements, automating your RD project forms is now more important than ever. FHA Software users have had compliance with RD's internet-based MINC Industry Interface since March 2003.

FHA1 Package - RD Tenant Forms Only includes ...
  • RD Waiting List
  • RD 3560-8 Tenant Certification
  • RD 3560-29 Notice of Payment Due Report
  • Review Changes to Tenant Status
  • RD/MINC XML Submission Compliance
  • RD R/A Assignment Report
  • Certification Expiration Report
  • Recertification Notice Processing (with 30/60/90 Day Letters)
  • RD Tenant/Rent Analysis
  • RD Form File Library (RD Verification Forms, Leases, etc.)
  • RD 3560 Handbook Reference
FHA2 Package - RD Tenant & Financial Forms includes ...
  • All FHA1 Package Features
  • RD 3560-7 MFH Project Budget/Utility Allowance
  • RD 3560-10 MFH Borrower Balance Sheet
  • RD 3560-12 Request for Authorization to Withdraw Reserve Funds
  • RD Chart of Accounts
  • RD COA Associations
  • Bank Balance Summary
  • Management Fee Calculation
Note: RD, HUD &/or LIHTC Combination Packages are also available.

PDF Documents

FHA Software - MINC Compliance
Sample RD 3560-8 Tenant Certification