WI-CARH Lease Downloads

WI-CARH Lease Downloads
In 2014, Simply Computer Software, Inc. developed a program for WI-CARH which automates the generation of USDA/Rural Development's approved Residential Lease and Amendment to Residential Lease for use with Sec.8/515 Projects in the State of Wisconsin. Purchasing "WI-CARH Lease" software is done through the WI-CARH office. Updates and update installation instructions for the WI-CARH Lease are provided below.

Note: Update installation will only work if WI-CARH Lease software already exists in your computer. An update is only necessary if the Release Date in the heading of your existing software is older than the Release Date displayed above.

Downloading EXE Files - Files available on this page are called Self-Extracting EXE Files which contain one or more files that are used specifically by FHA Software for Windows.

To download (SAVE) an EXE file from this page, simply click-on the DOWNLOAD button next to desired EXE file name. A menu will soon appear asking for verification of where you would like the file saved in your system. The default directory path provided is fine or you can use a temp folder. After the EXE file has been successfully downloaded (SAVED), locate this file using Windows Explorer. Double click-on the file to get a menu. Click-on UNZIP to install the file(s). Click-on CLOSE to exit the menu.


WIDLLUPDT.EXE - Revised: 10/31/2023 - Window DLL File Update for WI-CARH Lease software requirements

DLL File Update - This update will reinstate all Window DLL files required to run the latest WI-CARH Lease program that may have been overwritten or corrupted by installing old, third party software. This will also help fix previous Crystal Report DLL conflict issues.

WIUPDT.EXE - Revised: 10/31/2023
Update Installation file for the 2024 WI-CARH Lease Generation Program.

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WI-CARH Lease - Brochure