Program Related Downloads

Program Related Downloads
Downloading EXE Files - Files available on this page are called Self-Extracting EXE Files which contain one or more files that are used specifically by FHA Software for Windows.

To download (SAVE) an EXE file from this page, simply click-on the DOWNLOAD button next to desired EXE file name. A menu will soon appear asking for verification of where you would like the file saved in your system. The default directory path provided is fine or you can use a temp folder. After the EXE file has been successfully downloaded (SAVED), locate this file using Windows Explorer. Double click-on the file to get a menu. Click-on UNZIP to install the file(s). Click-on CLOSE to exit the menu.


DEMODATA.EXE - Posted: 11/15/2018 - Current Version - Demonstration Project Database Files
Demo Project Data Files - This update file includes current versions of demonstration projects that are provided with FHA Software and include HUDDEMO, RHSDEMO, and S42DEMO. Demo projects can be used to experiment with and also have a preset Chart of Accounts that can be copied from.
DLLUPDT.EXE - Posted: 09/11/2018 - Current Version - Window DLL Files
Window DLL Files - This update file ( 218Mb ) includes current versions of all Window DLL files that are required by FHA Software and are normally installed during the initial program installation process. Use this utility to install or reinstall DLL files that are missing or corrupted.
CRDLLUPDT.EXE - Posted:09/11/2018 - Current Version - Crystal Report v1309 DLL Files

Crystal Report DLL Files - This update file ( 50Mb ) includes current versions of all Crystal Report DLL files that are required by FHA Software and are normally installed during the initial program installation process. Use this utility to also install CR DLL files that are now required by recent revisions made to the RD/HUD/LIHTC Unit Number Conversion Utility features and RD 3560-7 MFH Project Budget / UA & RD 3560-10 MFH Borrower Balance Sheet form features.

CRDLLUPDT_1904.MSI - Posted: 01/31/2016 - Corrects Crystal Report v1309 DLL File Installation Issues

If you get an Error 1904 message during the CRDLLUPDT.EXE installation - Module Registration process, download and run this CRDLLUPDT_1904.MSI DLL installation and then rerun the CRDLLUPDT.EXE DLL Update.

WSETUP.EXE - Posted: 09/11/2018 - Current Version Workstation Installation Setup File

Workstation Setup File - This is the installation program that automatically installs required Window DLL files and desktop icon for workstations being added to an existing dedicated server installation of FHA Software.

DOTNET_Workstation_Setup.ZIP - Posted: 01/23/2009 - Batch file for granting .NET Permission

Batch File & ReadMe Text - This ZIP file contains a Batch File that includes a command line that will grant permission for users to run .NET programming on the network drive, along with a ReadMe text file that provides setup details.

AUTO_UPDATE_REVISION.EXE - Posted: 01/07/2016 - Current Auto-Update Process feature file
Auto-Update Process File -When we updated our website in January 2016, the ftp location of our software update files changed, as well. If you have not been keeping up with updates, an older version of the Auto-Update Process feature will no longer work, because update file location changed. Running this revision will allow older FHA Software installations to complete the current Auto-Update Process.
DOTNETFX40_FULL_X86_X64.EXE - Posted 06/30/2016 - MS .NET Framework 4.0
MS .NET Framework 4.0 Installation File - This is the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 redistribution package that will update Windows XP Operating Systems with .NET Framework 4.0 which is required to run FHA Software program features.
IMAX_COMMUNICATIONS_REVISION.EXE - Posted 08/23/2018 - Current iMAX Communications Feature
iMAX Communications Program File - In August 2018, HUD was directed by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to upgrade their TRACS/iMAX electronic submission protocol from Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.0 to TLS v1.2 to meet PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). The deadline for this upgrade is September 3, 2018. All electronic MAT file submissions to TRACS on or after September 3, 2018 must be using the TLS v1.2 protocol. If you are running a 2018.08.31 or after Update Release of FHA Software, your iMAX Communications feature already includes this required upgrade. If not, this update ( Download File ) option will install the newly revised iMAX Communications feature in your existing FHA Software installation. 

PDF Documents

FHA SOFTWARE - USER MANUAL.PDF - Posted: 03/13/2015 - Current FHA Software User Manual

FHA Software - User Manual - This is a PDF file version of the current 150 page User Manual.