EDGE Interface Downloads

EDGE Interface Downloads
Downloading EXE Files - Files available on this page are called Self-Extracting EXE Files which contain one or more files that are used specifically by FHA Software for Windows.

To download (SAVE) an EXE file from this page, simply click-on the DOWNLOAD button next to desired EXE file name. A menu will soon appear asking for verification of where you would like the file saved in your system. The default directory path provided is fine or you can use a temp folder. After the EXE file has been successfully downloaded (SAVED), locate this file using Windows Explorer. Double click-on the file to get a menu. Click-on UNZIP to install the file(s). Click-on CLOSE to exit the menu.

EDGE Interface Updates ...

Periodically, EDGE Accounting program upgrades will include a change in EDGE database file structures that will require a matching update to the EDGE Interface feature in FHA Software. EDGE Interface Updates, provided on this page, only pertain to FHA Software users that also use a licensed copy of EDGE Accounting software. If you've recently upgraded your EDGE Accounting program, by downloading the upgrade from Winning EDGE Software's website, and now your EDGE Interface feature in FHA Software is having problems, you may need to switch to an EDGE Interface version that matches your new EDGE Accounting version. All EDGE Interface Update versions are available below. You simply need to download the EDGE Interface Update that matches the EDGE Accounting version running in your system.

To determine what EDGE Accounting version is running in your system ... Start your EDGE Accounting program. The EDGE version number will be displayed along the top of the window. Find the EDGE Interface Update below that matches your EDGE version number, download it to your system and follow the instructions provided above to install the update.


EDGE3223.EXE - Revised: 02/16/2006 - Works with EDGE version 3.309 or earlier.
EDGE3400.EXE - Revised: 06/25/2007 - Works with EDGE ( Domin-8 ) version 3.400.
EDGE3500.EXE - Revised: 02/11/2008 - Works with EDGE ( Domin-8 ) version 3.500.
EDGE351.EXE - Revised: 05/30/2008 - Works with EDGE ( Domin-8 ) version 3.5.1