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HUD Features
FHA Software has a long, successful history of providing automation compliance for managers of HUD subsidized housing projects. FHA Software includes a built-in, Windows-based iMAX Communications feature that automates the electronic submission process with TRACS 202D, eliminating the need for manual message retrieval from the TRACS Internet Site. Below is a list of HUD form features included with FHA Software, in addition to common program features already provided.

FHA3 Package - HUD Tenant Forms Only includes ...
  • HUD Waiting List
  • HUD-50059 Tenant Certification
  • HUD-52670 HAP Voucher Request
  • HUD-93104 Excess Income Report
  • HUD-27061 Race & Ethnic Data Reporting
  • HUD Section 8 Special Claims Processing
  • HUD Repayment Agreement Processing
  • HUD Miscellaneous Accounting Processing
  • HUD Income Targeting Report
  • TRACS 202D Compliance
  • iMAX Communications Feature
  • Certification Expiration Report
  • Recertification Notice Processing (with 30/60/90/120 Day Letters)
  • HUD Tenant/Rent Analysis
  • HUD Forms Library (HUD Verification Forms, Leases, etc.)
  • HUD 4350.3 Handbook Reference
FHA4 Package - HUD Tenant & Financial Forms includes ...
  • All FHA3 Package Features
  • HUD Operating Statement with Budget Comparisons
  • HUD-92410 Statement of Profit & Loss
  • HUD-92547-A Budget Worksheet
  • HUD-93479 Monthly Report for Establising Net Income ( A )
  • HUD-93480 Schedule of Disbursements ( B )
  • HUD-93481 Schedule of Accounts Payables ( C )
  • HUD Chart of Accounts
  • HUD COA Associations
  • Bank Balance Summary
  • Management Fee Calculation
Note: RD, HUD &/or LIHTC Combination Packages are also available.

PDF Documents

FHA Software - TRACS Compliance
Sample HUD-50059 Tenant Certification
TRACS 202D Changes with FHA Software