LIHTC (Tax Credit) Features

LIHTC Features
FHA Software has the ability to monitor 100% Tax Credit compliance, in additional to RD/HUD layered LIHTC compliance with no additional modules or tenant data entry required. RD/HUD and LIHTC annual income calculations from the same income source can both be entered in the same certification entry and automatically reported for each applicable entity ( RD/HUD/LIHTC Compliance ). Complete tenant change history is also maintained. Our Tax Credit Analysis feature provides easy, visible confirmation on Available Unit, Full-Time Student, and Set Aside status.

Below is a list of LIHTC form features included with FHA Software, in addition to common program features already provided ...

FHA7 Package - LIHTC Forms Only includes ...
  • LIHTC Waiting List
  • Sec.42 Tenant Income Certifications ( Includes State TIC's )
  • Tax Credit Analysis (includes State Specific Forms)
  • Maximum Rent Report
  • Certification Expiration Report
  • Recertification Notice Processing (with 30/60/90 Day Letters)
  • LIHTC Form File Library (Verification Forms, Leases, etc.)
  • Guide for Completing Form 8823
  • Certification On Line (COL) XML
  • LIHTC Data Transfer Standard XML 1.0, 2.0, 3.1 & 4.0
  • MITAS Tenant Data Upload
  • TX - TDHCA Web Services Interface
  • WA - WBARS Import XML
Note: RD, HUD &/or LIHTC Combination Packages are also available.

PDF Documents

Sample NCSHA Tenant Income Certification