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1-866-600-7984 - USDA/RD MINC Centralized Servicing Center ( email: )
1-800-767-7588 - HUD/TRACS Help Desk ( email: )

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Rural Development, HUD & LIHTC Links ...

USDA Rural Development
USDA/RD AN's, Regulations & Forms
USDA/RD State Offices
USDA/RD Locate Units to Rent
USDA/RD Management Agent Interactive Network Connection (MINC)
USDA/RD eAuthentication ID & Password Registration Site
USDA/RD Proposed Budget Training Video
Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS)
TRACS Discussion Forum - Login Page
Inventory Management System (IMS) / PIH Information Center (PIC)
Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System
Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Project (RHIIP)
HUDCLIPS HUD Forms Resource
HUD Program ( Section 8, 221, BMIR, 235, 236, etc. ) Income Limits
HUD Multi-Family Tax Subsidy Income Limits
HUD HOME Program Income and Rent Limits
HUD Contract Administration (CA) Documents
HUD FIPS County Code Lookup
Federal Regulations Website
Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements ( SAVE )
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
HUD Exchange - CPD Income Eligibility Calculator

Affordable Housing Association Links ...

Council for Affordable & Rural Housing (CARH)
Alabama CARH
Carolinas CARH
Florida CARH
Michigan RDC
Minnesota CARH
Missouri CARH
Virginia CARH
Tennessee TAAH
Wisconsin CARH
AHA of Arkansas
RRHA of Illinois
AHA of Indiana
RRHA of Kansas
HA of Mississippi
AHP of Oklahoma
RRHA of Texas
NAHMA National Affordable Housing Management Association
AHMA Southeastern (SAHMA)
AHMA Mid-Atlantic (MAAHMA)
AHMA Midwest (MAHMA)
AHMA Southwestern (SWAHMA)
AHMA Pacific Southwest (AHMA-PSW)
AHMA Northern California and Nevada (AHMA-NCN)
AHMA of Washington
AHMA Rocky Mountain (AHMA-ROCKY)
AHMA New Jersey (JAHMA)
National Leased Housing Association (NLHA)
NMHC National Multi Housing Council
HAC - Housing Assistance Council

State Housing Finance Agency Links ...

National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA)
Novogradac Affordable Housing Resource Center
Alabama Housing Finance Authority
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
Arizona Department of Housing
Arkansas Development Finance Authority
California Tax Credit Allocation Committee
California Department of Housing & Community Development
California Housing Finance Agency
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
Delaware State Housing Authority
District of Columbia Housing Finance Authority
Florida Housing Finance Corporation
Georgia Department of Community Affairs
Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation
Idaho Housing and Finance Association
Illinois Housing Development Authority
Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority
Iowa Finance Authority
Kansas Housing Resources Corporation
KHRC's MITAS Internet Property Management Site
Kentucky Housing Corporation
Louisiana Housing Finance Agency
Maine State Housing Authority
Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency
Michigan State Housing Development Authority
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
Mississippi Home Corporation
Missouri Housing Development Commission
Montana Board of Housing/Housing Division
Nebraska Investment Finance Authority
Nevada Housing Division
New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority
New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency
New Mexico Mortgage Finance Agency
New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal
North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
North Dakota Housing Finance Authority
Ohio Housing Finance Agency
Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency
Oregon Housing and Community Services Department
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
Puerto Rico Housing Finance Corporation
Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency
South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority
South Dakota Housing Development Authority
Tennessee Housing Development Authority
Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation
Utah Housing Finance Agency
Vermont Housing Finance Authority
Virgin Islands (US) Housing Finance Agency
Virginia Housing Development Authority
Washington State Housing Finance Corporation
West Virginia Housing Development Fund
Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority
WHEDA LIHTC Industry Standard XML Validation Tool
Wyoming Community Development Association

FHA Software Business Partner Links ...

Check Factory (Integrated MICR Check Printing Software)
Forms Fullfillment Center - Authorized Source for all FHA Software related forms

FHA Software Vendor Partner Links ( Market Studies / Appraisals / Consulting ) ...

Gill Group ( Pam Evans, Sales Executive )

FHA Software Vendor Partner Links ( Training ) ...

Affordable Housing Training & Consulting Services ( Evan Einhorn, Owner )
DeSilva Housing Group ( Jenny DeSilva, Owner )
Fair Housing Solutions, LLC ( Mark English, President )
Nan McKay and Associates, Inc. ( Nan McKay, President )
National Center for Housing Management ( Paul Votto, President )
Professional Compliance Solutions ( Joe Henry, Owner )
Ross Business Development, Inc. ( Mary Ross, President )
Spectrum LIHTC Website ( Steve Rosenblatt, President )
Spectrum Seminars ( Steve Rosenblatt, President )
Uplvl ( Justin Hemenway, Co-Founder, Managing Partner )
US Housing Consultants ( Amanda Gross, Consultant/Trainer )
Zeffert & Associates ( Robert Zeffert, President )

FHA Software Vendor Partner Links ( Service Providers ) ...

HUDBilling Service Bureau ( J.R. Reeves, Owner/Consultant )
Simpson's Accounting & Service Bureau ( Brenda Simpson, President )
All TRACS Data, Inc. ( Evelyn Howe, CEO/Head Supervisor )
FKGibbs Company, LLC ( Fred Gibbs, Owner/Founder )

FHA Software Vendor Partner Links ( Resident Screening ) ...

LandLord Shield ( Alberto Castillo, Senior Account Manager )
ONLINE Rental Exchange ( Mark Lozner, Business Development )
Rental Property Screening, LLC ( Donna Walker, Sales Executive )
Tenant PI, LLC ( Freddie Langston, Sales Executive )
Tenant Tracker ( Joe Williams, General Manager )
TRAK-1 ( PeopleFacts ) Background Screening ( Valerie Camferdam, RVP Sales )
VeriScreen Comprehensive Background Checks ( Scott Dickenson, VP Market Development )
ACUTRAQ Background Screening ( Sarah Boyd, Executive Director )

FHA Software Vendor Partner Links ( Online Rent Payment Resource ) ...

RentPayment ( Blake Downey, Senior Sales Executive )
PayLease ( Paul Sanderlin, Senior Sales Executive )

FHA Software Vendor Partner Links ( Apartment Search/Listing Sites ) ...

MAP ( Sheila King, Executive Director )
Rental Housing, Inc. ( John Yang, Representative )
Streamroll ( Mitch Copman, President )

FHA Software Vendor Partner Links ( Payroll Transaction Services ) ...

Quickbooks Intuit - Payroll Service
ADP - Payroll, HR and Tax Services

FHA Software Vendor Partner Links ( Web Hosting/Computer Consultants ) ...

My I.T. Consultants ( Kevin Murphy, President )
Business Technology Group ( Cody Davis, Accredited Systems Engineer )
Tekniverse, Inc. ( Jack Ericson, Programmer )
Last Line Solutions, Inc. ( Laurent Slutsky, Technician )