Blog Dated [ 2023-08-28 ]


Simply Computer Software, Inc. has been and continues to be an active TRACS Working Group participant and fully intends on providing HUD/TRACS 203A MAT file and HOTMA related Compliance within our FHA Software program, when finally implemented.  Most all original TRACS 203A related changes were already added to FHA Software years ago ( ex: Race Code Expansions, Repayment Agreement items, etc. ). All recent HOTMA related changes have also been added and are in the testing phase. At the moment, all HUD/TRACS 203A related forms ( ex: HUD-50059 Tenant Certification, HUD-52670 HAP Request Voucher, etc. ) and TRACS 203A MAT file specifications are still in draft mode ( not finalized ).  Nor have they provided a revised implementation schedule that was promised to be officially released several weeks ago.  We anticipate HUD/TRACS will require additional form &/or file specification changes to be made before the implementation schedule has been finalized and we'll be ready for it. 

We will continue sending Broadcast Email Messages to keep you informed about HUD/TRACS 203A and HOTMA related issues and FHA Software updates. A HUD/TRACS 203A and HOTMA Overview Video will also be posted on our website's VIDEO page as we get closer.   

If you haven't done so already, there are several companies listed on the LINKS .. VENDOR PARTNER LINKS ( TRAINING ) page of our website ( ) that provide HOTMA related training services ( ex:  Ross Business Development, Desilva Housing Group, Nan McKay, Zeffert & Associates, etc. ).  There's also a very good, free 40 minute webinar video on youtube that provides HOTMA related details …   


Likewise, RD and State HFA’s that monitor LIHTC are in the process of updating their Tenant Certification forms to accommodate upcoming HUD/TRACS 2023A related changes, as well. We will keep you informed as they are officially released. If and when you are officially informed of changes with your State HFA specific Tenant Income Certification ( TIC ) form, please forward their correspondance to us so we make sure we don't miss them. 
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