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FHA Software is a 100% Windows-based program and has been for quite some time. There's absolutely no DOS compatibility limitations as with competitor vendor software. FHA Software runs in the latest Windows 2000/XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 10 Operating Systems ( stand-alone, networked, web-hosted, Cloud ) and Windows-based computer hardware. FHA Software will also run in a MAC system that has Virtual Windows installed.
FHA Software has a built-in feature called the Auto-Update Process which automates update retrieval & installation, using the internet. If internet access in non-existent or connection speed is too slow for update file retrieval, users can be placed on our quarterly update CDROM mailing list.
Registered FHA Software users have unlimited toll-free access to same-day technical support assistance with experienced staff. Software training is available on-site, at our Rockford, IL facility or through a remote internet connection ( Teamviewer ).
Yes, FHA Software has built-in, comprehensive accounting features which eliminates the inaccurate and time consuming process of integrating data to third party accounting packages. Processing your tenant changes instantly effects your accounting files. There's no monthly close-out or auto-charge processing because FHA Software's accounting features are not locked in time.
Yes, FHA Software has a built-in Tenant/Applicant Screening feature that directly interfaces with four of the best tenant-screening services available for the affordable housing industry ...

* ONLINE Rental Exchange
* PeopleFacts ( TRAK-1 ) Background Screening
* VERISCREEN Affordable Housing Screening Specialists
* ACUTRAQ Background Screening

All that is required is an existing User/Company ID Account with the desired service.
Yes, FHA Software has built-in Payment Transaction Import features that directly interfaces with two online rent collection services called PayLease and RentPayment. All that is required is an existing PayLease or RentPayment - Client Account.
FHA Software is currently partnered with two Payroll Service providers .. QuickBooks ( Software & Payroll Services ) and ADP ( Small Business Services ). FHA Software has a built-in ability to import payroll transaction detail directly from .CSV files provided from both Payroll Software/Services, eliminating duplicate manual entry of payroll check entry activity.
Yes, FHA Software has a built-in Custom MSWord Designer feature that allows users to create custom reports ( using their licensed MS Word program ) that merge with the FHA Software database to produce virtually any data filled document desired ( such as tenant letters, verification forms, delinquent rent notices, leases, legal forms, statements,  etc. ).
FHA Software has the ability to automatically import existing tenant information from most all competitor software (RD/HUD/LIHTC) programs. This eliminates the need to reenter data, when switching to FHA Software.
The purchase price of FHA Software is based on the type of subsidy (RD, HUD, LIHTC) you have, the total number of units you manage and if you require a single user or networked version. Discounts are also available for small projects, quantity package purchases and extended use licensing. No annual contracts. Purchase price for FHA Software can be as low as $299 for small projects.
The purchase price of FHA Software includes free phone support and program updates for one full year. Thereafter, a yearly maintenance fee paid in advance will continue toll-free phone support and program updates. The second year maintenance fee will be prorated so that subsequent fees cover a calendar year period.
Absolutely! We're so confident you'll agree FHA Software is so easy to use, we offer a full 30-day satisfaction guaranty with every package. That's why we'll send you your package Risk Free for 30-days to see for yourself just how easy it is. At the end of your 30-days, you simply pay the invoice to continue using FHA Software or you just ship the package back to us. Free 30-day trial periods can be extended as often as it takes to be convinced.
FHA Software started being developed in 1982 and was available for marketing in 1985. Today, over 5,500 affordable housing projects successfully rely on FHA Software for their monthly RD/HUD/LIHTC compliance requirement needs. FHA Software celebrated its 30 year anniversary in 2015.
No. FHA Software has a built-in feature called "iMAX Communications" which automates TRACS 202D MAT file send and message retrieval processes, eliminating the need for manually logging in to HUD's Secure System to send MAT files. Submission history detail is maintained and TRACS message contents are interpreted automatically. Multiple TRACSMAIL accounts and destination ID's can be setup.
Yes. USDA/Rural Development has a web-based system called "Management Agent Interactive Network Connection (MINC)" which allows Borrowers to electronically submit required RD forms ( RD 3560-8 Tenant Certification, RD 3560-7 Project Budget, and RD 3560-10 Balance Sheet ) using the internet. FHA Software has provided MINC/EDI file submission compliance since March 2003 and recent MINC/XML file submission compliance since March 2014. Multiple XML file submission ability is also provided by FHA Software.
Your affordable housing management software program does not have to be run from an internet website. If remote access is not an issue or desired, your software and your project database should be running in your computer, not someone elses. FHA Software can be installed in and run from any site office computer. lf remote access is desired, FHA Software can also be installed in a centralized computer system (such as Citrix Systems, Terminal Servers, Cloud, etc.) with remote access ability, except you are securely hosting and in control of your own database, not someone else. FHA Software's reasonable pricing structure with the affordability of setting up a centralized computer system, makes it possible to economically automate site offices. With FHA Software, remote access by a site office is nothing more than an additional user on your existing network. Keep your remote access ability, reduce your compliance software costs with no contracts and simplify your automation efforts with FHA Software.
That's a good question. We'd love to charge as much as other vendors, but paying more for a product doesn't necessarily mean it's a better product. Simply put .. FHA Software works !!! As with any new software, once you grasp an understanding of how it works, the need for phone support becomes minimal. Most calls come from new users who are getting acquainted with the program, existing users attempting to process uncommon situations, or accommodating a periodic glitch in electronic file transfers. Ask yourself .. is your existing software giving you your money's worth? If it's DOS-based or has to be run from a website and it takes days, sometime weeks to get someone to call you back, maybe it's time you switched to FHA Software.
Yes. In some States ( ex: WHEDA ), LIHTC annual income calculations can be different than calculations used for RD & HUD Tenant Certifications from the same income source. In FHA Software, RD/HUD and LIHTC annual income calculations from the same income source can both be recorded in the same certification entry and automatically reported for each applicable entity ( RD/HUD/LIHTC Compliance ).
Yes. FHA Software has the ability to create LIHTC Data Transfer Standard XML 1.0, 2.0, 3.1, and 4.0 file versions that are accepted by most State HFA's.
Yes. Once a previous ACCRUAL reporting month has been closed, all financial report A/R balances are locked and will not change. A/R balances affected by retroactive tenant change entry activity will automatically be adjusted in the month retroactive tenant changes were processed. Running the G/L Posting Utility feature at month end completes this process.
SUBMIT AN APPLICATION FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING ONLINE - All registered FHA Software package clients have the ability to provide a link on their website that can be used by prospective tenants to fill-out and submit a pre- application for housing. Application information detail is immediately sent to the client by email with a .CSV file attachment that can be imported directly into the Waiting List Data feature of FHA Software.
SUBMIT A MAINTENANCE REQUEST ONLINE - All registered FHA Software package clients have the ability to provide a link on their website that can be used by existing tenants to fill-out and submit a Maintenance Request. Maintenance information detail is immediately sent to the client by email with a .CSV file attachment that can be imported directly into the Work Orders feature of FHA Software.