RD Related Downloads

RD Related Downloads
Downloading EXE Files - Files available on this page are called Self-Extracting EXE Files which contain one or more files that are used specifically by FHA Software for Windows.

To download (SAVE) an EXE file from this page, simply click-on the DOWNLOAD button next to desired EXE file name. A menu will soon appear asking for verification of where you would like the file saved in your system. The default directory path provided is fine or you can use a temp folder. After the EXE file has been successfully downloaded (SAVED), locate this file using Windows Explorer. Double click-on the file to get a menu. Click-on UNZIP to install the file(s). Click-on CLOSE to exit the menu.


RD_IL_SCHEDULE_07132023.PDF - Posted 07/22/2023
RD Income Limit Schedules - This is the most recent USDA/RD MFH Direct Income Limit Schedule for FY2023 ( effective 07/13/2023 ) used in FHA Software for adding income limit schedules for RD projects that process RD 3560-8 Tenant Certifications.
RD_CNA_Worksheet_Ver1_5g_Master_Template.xlsm - Posted 11/28/2016
USDA/RD Capital Needs Assessment ( CNA ) Worksheet - This is the most recent CNA Worksheet Template ( Version 1.5g ) provided by USDA/RD that includes updated Useful Life ( EUL ) tables along with other minor document adjustments made since previous 1.5d and 1.5f document Versions.