Update Info

Release [ 2011-10-31 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Fixed - The accuracy of establishing Tenant Specific Address information when processing a Unit Swap when address information is different than Unit Address .. Fixed - The issue where Fax Number was not being inserted into a Verification Form generated from the Medical Expense window while editing a Tenant Certification.

ACCOUNTING: Fixed - The Bank Reconciliation issue when entries could not be reconciled or unreconciled without having to reconcile or unreconcile all entries .. Fixed - The Run-Time Error 3024 issue when accessing a Tenant Report feature .. Revised - The Security Deposit Summary to show all units in the project and note * No Activity * for those units when a paid security deposit is not being held on the report date defined.



LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Fixed - Income Status being incorrectly reported as Market Rate for various tenant changes (vacant units, etc.) in the XML file created for the Certification On Line (COL) system.

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