Update Info

Release [ 2012-06-30 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Added - A new Change Data History report to the Changes to Tenant Assistance - Print options menu that provides a summary of tenant changes, grouped by tenant that can be sorted by Effective Date or Report Month .. Fixed - The Run-Time Error 3021 issue caused when entering a new Move-In/Initial Certification that happens to be replacing a previous tenant's recertification effective the same day .. Revised - The Change to Tenant Assistance - Sort by Report Month option and made it sort faster .. Added - A Sequence # to the display of three Action Process types ( RD - Modify TI Tenant Certifications, HUD - Correction HUD-50059 Tenant Certifications, and HUD - Gross Rent Changes ) throughout the program to allow multiples of each Action Process type ( effective the same day ) to exist as Tenant Certification History. Example: Correction AR ( 1 ), Correction AR ( 2 ), and so on. The ability to create multiple Action Process types effective the same day will be made available in the next update release.

ACCOUNTING: Added - A Tenant Totals amount line to the Tenant Ledger Report to provide a grand total of all Charge, Adjustment, and Payment amounts when the report is grouped by charge code .. Fixed - The issue with not charging a full month's rent on the Tenant Ledger Report when a tenant happens to vacate the unit on the first day of the month.



LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The Idaho Tenant Income Certification [ ID-Sec42 TIC ] to show cents for all income amounts.

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