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Release [ 2012-12-31 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Added - A new custom Unit Data Summary report [ SAMPLE_VACANCY_SUMMARY_US.RPT ] that will only list vacant units and pending vacancies with a Vacancy Rate Statement for any specific date ( day ) defined .. Added - County to the Project Filename Summary that is generated from Project Data .. Added - A sample Waiting List Detail [ SAMPLE_WLDETAIL_BLANK_WS.RPT ] and Waiting List Summary [ SUMMARY_WLSUMMARY_BLANK_WS.RPT ] to the Waiting List Data Summary custom form selection that both print blank.

ACCOUNTING: Added - The Wisconsin 2012 Rent Certificate form to the Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) form feature .. Added - The Minnesota 2012 Certificate of Rent Paid form to the Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) form feature .. Added - A Generate Individual Tenant Reports option to the Tenant Ledger Report and Security Deposit Report features.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - The Supplement To Application For Federally Assisted Housing ( HUD-92006 ) form with the 11/30/2015 OMB Expiration Date .. Added - The HUD-9250 Funds Authorizations form [ HUD9250_FUNDS AUTHORIZATION_PD.RPT ] to the Custom Report Generation feature in the Project Data - Print Options window.


LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - The Mississippi Student and Rent Declaration form [ MS-Sec42 SARD ] to the 01/2012 Revision.

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