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Release [ 2013-01-31 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Added - An Occupation Selection List [+] button to each Tenant Certification Entry - Member Information window that provides the option of selecting a member's occupation from a standard list of occupations instead of hand entering it .. Added - The option to Allow Address Book Entry Deletion in the Password Protection feature for User ID's with Limited Access.

ACCOUNTING: Added - The 2012 Kansas Certification of Rent Paid form to the Certification of Rent Paid ( CRP ) feature list of available State forms .. Added - The Pennsylvania 2012 Rent Certificate form to the Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) form feature.


RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - The RD 3560 Handbook Reference PDF files with recent changes made to Handbook 1 & 2.

LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - The Florida Tenant Income Certification form [ FL-Sec42 TIC ] to the list of available LIHTC Tenant Income Certification forms to print .. Revised - The Certification On Line (COL) XML file creation feature to include new fields that were recently added as Member Information (Race, Ethnicity, etc.).

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