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Release [ 2007-11-30 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Revised - Waiting List - Member Entry to allow Race to be left blank during the applicant entry process .. Revised - The Password Protection feature expanding user access detail to all FHA Software menu items .. Added - An In Care Of ( C/O ) field to Forwarding Address information stored in Unit Data and usable in Custom Report Generations .. Revised - All Tenant Certification calculation windows to display annual Income, Asset and Expense calculations rounded to the nearest cent to justify RD, HUD & LIHTC rounding requirements .. Revised - The TC Detail Report to show annual Income, Asset & Expense amounts as they were calculated to the nearest penny and the point upon which they were rounded .. Fixed - The Run-Time Error problem generating Work Order forms .. Added - Emergency Contact information to Custom Reports generated from Tenant Certification Data.


RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The calculation process to automatically declare Part X - Certification by Borrower - Income &/or Occupancy Eligibility on the RD 3560-7 Tenant Certification.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The HUD-93104 Monthly Report of Excess Income form with the new Mail To address .. Fixed - The Run-Time issue with importing tenant information from a Baseline MAT file that contains an apostrophe.

LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The maximum number of allowable LIHTC Income Limit Schedules that can be used at any one time from 5 to 14 .. Added - The ability to establish a set LIHTC Rent Limit amount for each unit size that can be used to automatically calculate a Tenant Paid Rent amount that is not the Maximum Monthly Rent Amount calculated from LIHTC Income Limit Schedules.

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