Update Info

Release [ 2009-01-31 ] provided the following program changes ...


ACCOUNTING CHANGES: Fixed - Aged Payables Report to exclude Void Check Entries .. Revised - A/P entry processing so that cursor lands on Invoice Date instead of skipping over it when changing project filenames .. Revised - A/R entry processing so that cursor lands on Payment Date instead of Check Number when selecting the Add a New Payment option .. Revised - A/R entry processing to maintain the last Payment Date entered as the default date while recording payments within the same project filename.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - RD 3560-8 Tenant Certification calculation to automatically set all households with an Eligibile Income & Occupancy Status ( Part X ) unless manually changed to Ineligible by the user.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - 202C MAT file compliance .. Added - New HUD-50059 Tenant Certification form changes .. Added - The new HUD-50059 A Partial Certification form used for Move-Outs, Transfers, GRC's and Terminations .. Added - New HUD-52670 Voucher Request form changes .. Revised - The HUD-52670 HAP Request Voucher generation policy pertaining to expired certifications that will automatically claim up to 3 additional months of HAP beyond the certification expiration date.


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