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Release [ 2009-05-31 ] provided the following program changes ...


ACCOUNTING CHANGES: Revised - The A/P entry process to display Vendor Insurance Coverage Status ( at the bottom left corner of the A/P window ) each time a new Vendor Account is selected .. Added - A new Payment Alerts - Setup feature to the Accounting menu .. Added - A new Alerts window ( button ) to the Misc window in Unit Data that allows the user to select applicable Payment Alerts &/or enter Tenant Notes for each tenant .. Added - A new Payment Alerts option ( button ) on the A/R Tenant Payment Entry window that displays Alert Codes ( in red lettering ) for applicable tenants, along with the ability to assign Alert codes and Tenant Notes from the A/R entry window .. Revised - The maximum allowable lengths of Description entry fields in both A/J and A/P entry windows from 25 to 40 characters .. Added - The ability to generate Custom Operating Statement layouts .. Added - A new MTD & YTD Budget Comparison report to the Operating Statements feature .. Fixed - The Run-Time 13 error when attempting to preview 1099's onscreen .. Moved - Existing Check Register feature from the Financial Statements menu to the A/P Check Disbursement Entry - Print menu and renamed it Check Listing .. Replaced - previous Check Register feature with a revised Check Register Report feature .. Added - The ability to include co-tenant names on custom late notice generations.


HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Fixed - The issue with inserting multiple Joint Custody Codes when creating a HUD-50059 Tenant Certification MAT file .. Revised - All HUD forms to comply with HUD's "Software Vendor Generated HUD Forms Requirement Matrix" by removing OMB Expiration Dates and adding Public Reporting Burden pages to those forms that were previously missing them .. Added - The ability to automatically print HUD-50059 A forms for all GRC's effective the same date, eliminating the need to select & print each one individually.


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