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Release [ 2010-01-31 ] provided the following program changes ...

NOTE: This update is only available by CDROM. Since the December 2009 release, Simply Computer Software, Inc. updated all internal FHA Software report generation features to Crystal Decisions Release XI R2 SP6 & .NET which requires installation of new Window DLL files. To insure that all FHA Software users get this update without difficulty, all currently active users will be sent an Update CDROM the last week of February 2010. Users who do not get their Update CDROM by Wednesday, March 10, 2010 should call Customer Service at 1-800-626-2431 ext.#3.

IN GENERAL: Fixed - All printing issues occurring in Windows 7 - 64bit Operating Systems .. Fixed - The issues Windows VISTA & 7 users were having with print setup windows appearing blank after monitoring forms to the screen by adding a Close option to the window .. Added - Total Labor & Parts Cost amount at the bottom of the Closed Work Order form provided .. Replaced - The previous two Auto-Update options ( Windows XP/2000 and Windows VISTA/7 ) with one Auto-Update Process selection that works in all Windows XP/2000/VISTA/7 Operating Systems for retrieving internet updates .. Enabled - The ability to close the FHA Software program by clicking on the red X button located in the upper right corner in addition to clicking on the Exit option.

ACCOUNTING Added - An F1 function key option while editing A/J entries that immediately moves the cursor ( focus ) to the Project Filename field which allows the user to change project filenames without having to initiate this process using the mouse .. Fixed - The periodic issue with check numbers being skipped when printing a check run that includes Utility Refund Checks.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Fixed - The periodic Run-Time issues that were occurring when printing RD 3560-29 Project Worksheets in Multi-Property Report mode that included a large number of projects.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Fixed - The reporting of Item #56 Number of Eligible members on the HUD-50059 Tenant Certification to more accurately report this number when non-eligible citizenship members exist and HAP is pro-rated accordingly.


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