Update Info

Release [ 2010-03-31 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Added - A new Sample Work Order Invoice letter [ SAMPLE_WO_INVOICE_WO.RPT ] to the Work Order - Custom Reports selection list .. Added - A Purge Date option when purging applicant entries from Waiting List Data that allows the user to automatically purge all applicant entries with Leased, Rejected, Removal, or Inactive Dates on or before the Purge Date defined.

ACCOUNTING Added - A new Aged Receivables Report feature to the Tenant Reports menu .. Revised - All Report Setup windows so that changing Project Filenames no longer resets previously selected reporting criteria ( Report Dates, Report Types, etc. ) .. Revised - The standard Balance Sheet layout by removing the Amount Credited to Net Income YTD line at the bottom of this report and instead made it an optional add-on as a custom Balance Sheet Layout feature.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The RD 3560-7 Project Budget form feature by adding the ability to edit the Part IV - A: Current Approved Rents/Utility Allowance section that is reported at the top of page #4 of the form .. Fixed - The glitch with Fiscal Year 2010 being reported instead of 2009 when submitting an RD 3560-10 Balance Sheet to MINC that was reloaded and resaved just before the EDI file is created.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Fixed - The run-time error that occurred when attempting to display a HUD-52670 HAP Voucher cover page in the Review HAP Voucher History feature .. Removed - The word "Sample" from all HUD Model Recertification Notices provided with FHA Software.


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