Update Info

Release [ 2010-04-30 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Revised - The Database Back/Restore feature to include the Address Book database in a Specific Project Only backup process .. Fixed - The invalid Beginning and Ending Date layouts that were being displayed at the top of the Work Order Summary & Detail reports.

ACCOUNTING: Fixed - The Security Deposit Report feature that was listing amounts already refunded .. Fixed - The Rent Roll Report that was not automatically listing future tenants with payment activity .. Revised - The General Ledger Report feature to allow multiple COA numbers to be specifically selected for a G/L Summary or Detailed Report .. Fixed - The issue with check numbers being skipped when printing Utility Refund checks .. Revised - The Vendor Ledger Report feature to allow multiple Vendor ID's to be specifically selected for a Vendor Summary or Detail Report.


HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Fixed - The issue when Alien Registration numbers were not being carried forward to new HUD-50059 Tenant Certifications created by the Gross Rent Change process .. Fixed .. The issue with the program prompting that the Beginning or Ending of the file was reached while selecting Next or Prev when it really wasn't .. Revised - The HUD Tenant/Rent Analysis report to show Subsidy Type for all occupied units and provide a more detailed Subsidy Type count at the end of the report.


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