Update Info

Release [ 2010-12-31 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Fixed - The Project Filename Summary unit size count issue .. Added - The Head tenant's Age at Move-In to the Occupancy Report - Move-In Listing summary.

ACCOUNTING: Added - A Total Debits & Credits line at the end of the Adjustments Journal Summary report .. Added - A YTD column to the 12 Month Operating Statement report .. Added - A Balance Sheet ( 12 Month Report ) form option to the Balance Sheet - Setup window .. Added - A 12 Month Budget form option to the Operating Statement - Setup window .. Fixed - The A/P posting issue when consolidating an existing A/P entry with a Recurring A/P Entry during the Check Printing Process.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - The ability to monitor the EDI Data Summary to the screen.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - The ability to monitor the MAT File Summary and MAT File Analysis to the screen .. Fixed - The glitch where page #3 of the HUD-50059 Tenant Certification was not printing for a household with 11 members .. Revised - The 504 Compliance language at the bottom of all HUD related verification forms & letters to match the wording in paragraph #1 in HUD 4350.3 Rev 1 Chg 3 Chapter 2 Exhibit 2-3 .. Added - A Correct MO button to the Unit Data window that automates the ability to change the Move-Out Date of an existing Vacant Unit entry that is covered by HUD subsidy.


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