Update Info

Release [ 2011-05-31 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Added - A Tenant Declined to Report checkbox to the Ethnicity section of the Household Member Information window in the Tenant Certification Entry feature which now separates this designation from the Race section.

ACCOUNTING: Fixed - The issue with the Aged Receivables Summary & Detail reports where not all units with inactivity were being noted .. Revised - All Tenant Report - Tenant Selection windows to accurately show the last unit number past tenants were in when unit transfers activity existed in their occupancy history .. Fixed - The issue with Recurring Charge amounts being randomly excluded from the Aged Receivables Report.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The HUD-50059 & HUD-50059-A Tenant Certification forms to the current 03/2011 version .. Added - The ability for the program to automatically add an OARQ entry on monthly voucher requests to offset retro adjustments that are part of a Repayment Agreement by adding a "This HAP adjustment is subject to repayment" checkbox when the adjustment is displayed during the activation process and in the Changes to Tenant Assistance - View HAP Adjustments window.


LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Fixed - The Race Code numbering issue on the PA Tenant Income Certification form .. Added - A new IHDA TST-5 Form to the Tax Credit Analysis - Specific State Report selection list .. Revised - The Iowa Tenant Income Certification [ IA - Sec42 TIC ] form with a crisper form generation ( it was previously light and blurry ).

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