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Release [ 2011-06-30 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Added - New Site/Resident Manager entry fields to the Management Data window in Project Data that allows Site Manager information to be maintained separate from Management Agent information which can be inserted in all custom letters & reports generated in FHA Software .. Added - A GRC Activation Date to the Project Data - Rent Rates window which now displays when the Gross Rent / UA Change process was completed that put the new rent rate schedule into effect .. Added - A GRC Activation Date to the Gross Rent / UA Change window to note if and when a selected GRC Effective Date ( Rent Rate Schedule ) has already been implemented .. Added - The option to transfer an existing Inventory Item from one unit to another in the Unit Inventory feature.

ACCOUNTING: Added - 10 more user-definable Alert fields to the Payment Alerts feature increasing available Alert field entry to 30 .. Added - Phone Number to the A/R Tenant Payment Entry window .. Added - A Utility Refund - Utility Account No. field to the Tenant Specific Information window ( in the Tenant Certification Data feature ) which stores the tenant's utility company account number that is now automatically inserted in the memo area of a printed Utility Refund check .. Added - Utility Account No. to the Utility Refund Report .. Fixed - The random issue with balances being reported on the Aged Receivables Report for tenants with recurring charges that should not have balances.



LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - The Mississippi Tenant Income Certification to the current 06/2011 form Revision .. Revised - The State Specific ( Texas - TDHCA ) Unit Status Report form generated from the Tax Credit Analysis feature to match the actual USR form generated from the TDHCA web-based system .. Updated - The Georgia Tenant Income Certification to the current 12/2006 form Revision .. Added - The Georgia Tenant Income Self Certification form [ GA Sec42-TISC ] to the list of available Tax Credit certification forms to print.

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