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Release [ 2011-07-31 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Fixed - The inaccuracy of the Head Member's age being reported on the Move-In Listing report.


HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - A copy of the HUD-90106 Move-In/Move Out Inspection Form [SAMPLE_INOUT_INSPECTION] to the list of custom reports that can be generated from the UNIT DATA window .. Updated - All HUD Recertification & Increase Letters to automatically insert applicable HUD Model Lease paragraph numbering based on HUD subsidy type.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - All RD Ohio Lease Documents to the 04/27/2011 Revision which includes RD_OH_LEASE, RD_OH_ADDM_RENEWAL, RD_OH_ADDM_PLANII, RD_OH_ADDM_PLANIIRA, RD_OH_OCCU_POLICY, and RD_OH_PET_POLICY forms .. Updated - The Colorado USDA/RD Rental Housing Lease Agreement [ RD_CO_LEASE ] and Rental Housing Lease Agreement Addendum [ RD_CO_LEASE_ADDM ] to the 08/09/2010 Revision .. Updated - The RD 3560-8 Tenant Certification to the 08/2011 form revision .. Updated - The RD 3560 Handbook Reference feature with recent changes made to the current RD 3560 handbook .. Added - USDA Form RD 3560-65 (Rev. 08/11) MFH Unauthorized Assistance Notification/Repayment Agreement to the Custom Report Form Library that is printable from the Tenant Certification - Print Options window [REPAYMENT_AGREEMENT_RD_CD.RPT].

LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - The Michigan Tenant Income Certification to the current December 2009 form Revision.

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