Update Info

Release [ 2011-09-30 ] provided the following program changes ...


ACCOUNTING: Added - The ability to assign a Tenant Charge Code to a payable made out to a tenant in the A/P Check Disbursement Entry feature which allows the A/P entry to automatically appear as Tenant Ledger activity on all tenant related reports.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - The HUD-93104 Monthly Report of Excess Income feature with the ability to view the HUD-93104 form and Schedule for Calculating Excess Income to the screen and automatically only report excess income for units with Section 236 Subsidy.


LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - The Kansas Tenant Income Certification form [ KS Sec42-TIC ] to the list of available Tax Credit certification forms to print .. Added - The MHDC ( Missouri ) Exhibit X - Mid-Lease Rent Increase Lease Addendum form to the Tenant Certification - Print options window.

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