Blog Dated [ 2022-12-15 ]

Just posted the 2022.11.30 Update Release to our ftp site. Broadcast email messages will be sent out today. .. DT

This 2022.11.30 Update Release completes a 5 year process of converting FHA Software programming from MS Visual Basic 6 to the latest MS Visual Studio .NET Application. This will now allow us to incorporate new programming features that MS Studio provides for current and future Windows Operating Systems and are very excited about all the new features we're currently working on for 2023. After installing the 2022.11.30 Update Release of FHA Software, you'll notice several things right from the start. We've added a splash screen that briefly appears when you start the program. The main program window will also appear faster. If you previously customized your main program window size & location, those settings will need to be redone. So, after starting the new 2022.11.30 Update Release and the main program window appears maximized, you can reset your custom minimized main program window size & location. We've kept the same pull down selection menu layout and you shouldn't notice any difference in feature selection or program operation. You may notice that all feature windows are now visibly more sharp and crisp. All forms and reports that are monitored will automatically maximize to full screen for better viewing. We hope you enjoy the updated FHA Software program. Thanks again and as always .. We value your use of FHA Software !!! .. Duane Tinsley, SCS President. 
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