Update Info

Release [ 2011-12-31 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Fixed - The Remove a TC process in the Tenant Certification feature so that after the TC has been removed, the Tenant Certification - Preview window is redisplayed at the same Unit No. that was originally selected .. Revised - The Tenant Certification - Activation process to make sure a new Tenant ID # is assigned to a tenant that moves back into the same unit # they previous occupied .. Added - Avery 5264 and 5963 to the list of labels that are available to print from the Generate Recertification Notices feature .. Split - The Submission Date column in the Change Data Summary into 2 separate columns labeled TRACS Date and MINC Date so that both dates are displayed on the same report.

ACCOUNTING: Added - A Continuous checkbox option to the Utility Refund Report - Setup window that allows Multi-Property Reports to be generated individually for each project or grouped together on one continuous report .. Added - An Are you Sure message when attempting to cancel out of the Security Deposit Refund feature without saving the refund entry displayed .. Revised - The Bank Reconciliation feature that solves the issue with not being able to reconcile or unreconcile certain entry types .. Added - The Missouri 2011 Certificate of Rent Paid form to the Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) form feature.


RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - The RD 3560-25 Initial Request for Rental Assistance or Operating Assistance form to the Custom Report Generation feature in Project Data.

LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - A new LIHTC Data Transfer Standard XML 2.0 feature item to the LIHTC menu that provides the 2.0 version XML file layout that will start to be accepted in place of the current 1.0 version by applicable State HFA's in 2012.

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