Update Info

Release [ 2020.11.30 ] Provided the following changes ...

IN GENERAL: Revised - The Auto-Update Installation process to automatically close the FHA Software program and Help Topics program before completing the installation process.


HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Fixed - The order of the Section 8 Special Claims Summary when sorted by Move-Out Date with most recent Move-Out Dates at the top of the list .. Fixed - The error that occurs when selecting to generate a Voucher Request for the month of December 2020.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Fixed - The issue with running the Gross Rent / UA Changes feature when future RD Certifications existed.

LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - The Virginia ( VHDA ) Tenant Certification Worksheet form [ VA-Sec42 TCW ] to the list of available LIHTC Certification form selections in the Tenant Certification Data - PRINT options window .. Fixed - The issue where special Tax Credit Program Type designation MSA %'s were being set back to default MSA %'s during the recertification process.
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