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Release [ 2020.04.30 ] Provided the following changes ...

IN GENERAL: Fixed - The issues with rounding the Rate amount to the nearest cent in the Management Fee Calculation - Occupied Units feature .. Revised - The VeriScreen Tenant/Applicant Screen feature to allow parenthesis () in the custom Package Description option .. Fixed - The issue with reporting overall vacancy rate percentages when running a consolidated multi-property report .. Fixed - The Dashbaord feature to allow User login ID's that are limited to just one Project Filename to select and refresh their project's Dashboard information .. Added - A Custom MSWord - Sample Envelope #10 document that can be printed from the Custom Report Generation window in Unit Data, Certification Data and Waiting List Data features .. Added - A Remove All Temporary Files option to the Reindex and Optimize feature that automatically removes temporary files from PROGRAM, DATA and REPORT folders that tend to accumulate and take up valuable disk space .. Added - A new Race/Ethnicity Summary [ Sample_Race_Head_Only ] to the list of available Waiting List Data related summaries that only reports HEAD Applicants .. Upgraded - The Changes to Tenant Assistance/Status feature to .NET 4.0 programming .. Fixed - The Dashboard feature to more accurately display the total HUD Subsidy Available number that includes multiple HAP Contracts .. Revised - The PeopleFacts - Tenant/Applicant Screening feature by adding a new optional Business Code field.

ACCOUNTING: Added - The Vermont 2019 Landord Certificate LC-142 form to the Certification of Rent Paid feature .. Revised - The Historical Entry checkbox option when recording payment entries in the A/R Tenant Payment Entry feature to only be selectable if the Payment Date is prior to the project's Accounting Start Date .. Revised - The ADP - G/L Transaction Detail Import feature with an option to import ADP Payroll Transactions as A/J Adjustment Journal Entries, in addition to A/P Check Disbursement Entries .. Added - A new Catagory pull down list option to the Vendor Accounts Information window that would allow each vendor to be placed in a catagory description ( ex: Plumbing, HAVC, General Labor, etc. ) and then searched for by Catagory .. Upgraded - The Bank Reconciliation feature to .NET 4.0 programming .. Upgraded - The Recurring Tenant Charges feature to .NET 4.0 programming.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The Automatic HAP Adjustment Calculation feature to correct minor adjustment calculation accuracy issues that have come up since the last update release .. Fixed - A rounding issue with the automated EIV 5% Penalty calculation included on a HUD-52670 HAP Request Voucher submission .. Fixed - The issue with reporting Employment / Business Income entry detail on the TC Detail Report and in a MAT10 Record submission for Household Member #8 specifically .. Added - The ability to enter Unit #, Tenant's First & Last Name, SSN when manually creating an Owner/Agent Repayment Agreement Entry that pertains to one specific Unit #/Tenant instead of leaving this information blank .. Added - A new Round EIV Down checkbox option to the Generate a HAP Request Voucher - Setup window that allows projects with State TRACS/CA's ( ex: CMS in Nebraska ) that required the calculated EIV 5% Penalty amount to be rounded down instead of rounded using TRACS 202D standard rounding guidelines.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - The ability to select and PRINT a previously saved budget form from the RD 3560-7 MFH Project Budget / UA feature SETUP window .. Added - The ability to show differences ( Current vs Proposed or Current vs Actual ) in Column #4 of the RD 3560-7 MFH Project Budget / UA form as an amount or percentage .. Added - RD Lease related MS Word documents for Ohio to the list of Custom MSWORD Designer - MSWORD Document File Library .. Upgraded - The Review Project Worksheet History feature to .NET 4.0 programming.

LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - The ability to enter Anticipated Wage Change details to the Employment / Business Income - Calculation feature window of the Tenant Certification Data entry feature .. Revised - How Unit Transfer IN and OUT records are being reported in LIHTC Data Transfer Standard XML 2.0, 3.1, 4.0 and 5.0 file formats so the Combine XML file feature works more efficiently .. Updated - The Ohio ( OHFA ) Tenant Income Certification Form [ OH-Sec42 TIC ] along with several other OHFA Tenant & Income Verifiactions related forms to the current 04/20/2020 Revision .. Fixed - The Tennessee ( THDA ) Household Income Certification form [ TN-Sec42 HIC ] Race and Ethnicity Codes being displayed for Other and Declined to Report .. Revised - The Tax Credit window in the Project Data feature by adding an Edit button to the Tax Credits section which now separates it from editing the Building ID Information section .. Updated - The Missouri ( MHDC ) Exhibit B - Tenant Income Certification form [ MO-Sec42 TIC ] to the current 12/03/2019 Revision .. Updated - The Texas ( TDHCA ) Income Certification form [ TX-Sec42 TIC ] to the current 04/29/2020 Revision .. Updated - The Texas ( TDHCA ) Annual Eligibility Certification form [ TX-Sec42 AEC ] to the current 04/29/2020 Revision.
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