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Release [ 2012-05-31 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Revised - The Password Protection feature to allow the program administrator with Full Program Access to restrict specific User Login ID's with Limited Access from deleting a Project Database or a Unit Number, removing Waiting List Applicant entries, removing Changes to Tenant Assistance entries, removing a Work Order entry, removing a Unit Inventory entry, removing a Multi-Property Directory List, removing a Tenant Charge Code entry, removing a Bank Account entry, removing a Vendor Account entry, or removing a Chart of Account entry.

ACCOUNTING: Added - A Include Utility Refund Activity checkbox to the Security Deposit Refund feature to allow overpaid UREFUND amounts to be included in the Security Deposit Refund calculation process .. Added - A Total of all Prepaid Balances and Total of all Unpaid Balances amount lines to the form total section of all Rent Roll and Aged Receivable reports .. Added - Net Tenant Contribution ( NTC - Tenant Rent Rate ) as an individual amount that can be inserted in a custom Late Notice .. Added - A Selected Vendor ID's Only option to the Vendor Account Summary - Setup window that will allow a Vendor Summary to include all or specific Vendor Accounts.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The iMAX Communications - Setup window to mask ( hide ) all displayed TRACSMAIL & WASS ID Password fields for User Login ID's with Limited Access.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - The Maine RD Model Lease [ RD_ME_LEASE_CD.RPT ] to the 04/30/2012 release .. Added - A new POST menu option to the Review Project Worksheet History feature that will automatically post monthly RD Project Worksheet details (including RD R/A Subsidy recorded individually tenant-by-tenant, Loan Payments, Overage, etc.) to the built-in Accounting feature.

LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - The Wisconsin Tenant Income Certification form ( AHTC Form 300 ) to the current 11/2011 revision .. Updated - The Louisiana Tenant Income Certification form ( LA-Sec42 TIC) to automatically include the Certification of Student Eligibility page when all household members are full-time students .. Updated - The Illinois ( IHDA ) Compliance Report ( TST-2 form ) and Tenant Rent Record Information ( TST-5 form ) to the current 12/2010 revision.

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