Blog Dated [ 2019-02-27 ]

Auto-Update Process File - On February 27, 2019, the internal password used to access the ftp location of our FHA Software update files changed. Since the ftp password is hard coded in our Auto-Update Process feature program, a program revision must be retrieved in order to be able to download and install all future updates, using the built-in Auto-Update Process feature.

To retrieve this Auto-Update Process file revision, do the following ...

Go to [ ]  and click-on RUN

Note: A "WinZip Self-Extractor" window will appear.

Make sure the UNZIP TO FOLDER path displayed has the correct drive letter and folder path where your FHA Software PROGRAM folder resides in your system ( normally C:\FHAWIN ).

Then click-on UNZIP .. OK .. CLOSE

Note: The built-in HELP .. CHECK FOR UPDATE .. AUTO-UPDATE PROCESS .. GET UPDATE feature will now work once again.
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