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Release [ 2017.08.31 ] Provided the following changes ...

IN GENERAL: Added - A Gross Annual Household Income column to the Race / Ethnicity Report .. Added - Seconds to Application Time and Received Time fields in the Applicant entry window of the Waiting List Data feature .. Added - a Purge menu option to the Work Order feature that provides the ability to delete old Work Order entries by year .. Added - A checkbox option labeled Allow Changes to Targeted Date to the Work Order tab section of the Password Protection feature that can restrict a User login ID from being able to change the Target Date of an existing Work Order entry after it has been established .. Fixed - Issues with print jobs sent directly to the printer that weren't recognizing when 2-Sided Printing was selected in the process .. Verified - That all FHA Software related EXE ( Application ) files have proper file signature identifiers to eliminate Real-Time Scanning - False Positive issues occuring occasionally with Anti-Virus programs during normal program operation.

ACCOUNTING: Added - A Print button to the A/P Invoice Number Search window of the A/P Check Disbursement Entry feature .. Fixed - The issue when UREFUND Charge activity was not being reported on the Tenant Ledger Report that is printed through the Tenant Reports menu .. Added - First Bank of Highland Park to the list of Banks included in the Export - Positive Pay Banking option in the A/P Check Disbursement Entry feature .. Fixed - The A/P Database Version Conflict issue that was occurring when an existing Vendor Account Address was changed and attempting to update this Address change in existing A/P entries .. Fixed - The issue when re applying forfeited security deposit amounts to different charge code balances in the Security Deposit Refund feature when interest was added and the program was not accepting the changes .. Fixed - The Tenant Ledger Report printed from the A/R Tenant Payment Entry feature to include Check # in payment entry Description fields .. Added - A second online rent payment Import menu option called RentPayment - Payment Transactions to the A/R Tenant Payment Entry feature that automatically imports ( records ) online rent payment transactions made through the RentPayment online service.


RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - The ability to change Project Rental Type, Profit Type, Master Metered Utilities and Accounting Method selections in the Report Header Information window of the RD 3560-7 MFH Project Budget / UA feature.

LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - The California ( CTCAC ) Tenant Income Certfication form [ CA-Sec42 TIC ] to the current July 2017 release.
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