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Release [ 2017.02.28 ] Provided the following changes ...

IN GENERAL: Added - A new Continuous checkbox to the Multi-Property Report option in the Work Orders - Print options window that will list selected Work Order Entry activity for all selected projects in a continuous Work Order Summary format .. Changed - The main Tenant Certification entry window back to displaying each member's full SSN instead of last 4 digits only .. Revised - The Asset Income entry window in the Tenant Certification feature to include the HUD Passbook Savings Rate % comparison for Market Renter subsidy types .. Added - A reminder to the Move-Out Notification - Successfully Completed message window that appears at the end of processing a Move-Out Notification which says "Discontinue Auto-Pay for this tenant, if applicable" when the built-in PayLease - Payment Transaction feature is setup and being used to import online rent payments.

ACCOUNTING: Added - A new checkbox option labeled "Allow A/R Balance Adjustment A/J entries to be automatically created" that provides the ability to not have the G/L Posting Utility feature create AR BAL ADJ A/J entries for Accrual Accounting projects when the G/L Posting Utility feature is run each month .. Added - A new Unit History Validation Utility to the Custom Features option that will look for and correct past tenant change entries that are missing valid Move-Out Dates &/or have multiple Tenant ID #'s which are being incorrectly reported on tenant related reports ( ex: Rent Roll Report, Aged Receivables Report, etc. ) that include Past Tenants .. Fixed - The Utility Refund ( UR ) part of the Recurring A/P Entry feature to automatically check the Display Memo checkbox when UR Payables are created that have Utility Company Acct #'s being added .. Fixed - The G/L Posting Utility feature issue that was duplicating manually added Recurring Tenant Charges ( ex: CABLE TV, OTHER, etc. ) being accrued on the General Ledger Detail Report for Accrual Accounting method projects .. Added - A new View EOM AR button to the G/L Posting Utility feature setup window that provides the End of Month A/R Balances for the posted month .. Fixed - The issue with the Security Deposit Ledger not showing a notation that the paid SD amount was refunded .. Fixed - The issue when the message "No Accounting Start Date" was being displayed when processing a General Ledger Detail for Accrual Accounting Method projects .. Fixed - The issue with automatically updating existing A/P ( payable ) entries from the Vendor Accounts feature when an address change is being implemented .. Updated - The Printer ( Output ) process in the Certification Expiration Report, Rent Register Report, Utility Refund Report, Occupancy Reports, Race & Ethnicity Report and User-Defined Summaries features to immediately display a Printer Properties dialog window before a print job is sent directly to your printer.



LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - The Colorado Tenant Income Certification form [ CO-Sec42 TIC ] to the current February 2015 revision .. Revised - The TDHCA Compliance Monitoring & Tracking System ( CMTS ) feature to create the new Household and Tenant .CSV file formats that are now required to be uploaded to the web-based CMTS system for LIHTC Reporting Compliance in the State of Texas .. Added - A new Oklahoma Unit Data Sheet [ OK - State Report ] form option to the LIHTC Tax Credit Analysis feature.
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