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Release [ 2016.04.30 ] Provided the following changes ...

IN GENERAL: Added - An Email Address field to the Waiting List - Applicant entry window .. Added - A new Sample Source Summary to the Waiting List Data Summary feature that will list how the applicant was directed to the project, using custom SOURCE text stored in the COMMENTS section of each applicant's account entry.

ACCOUNTING: Upgraded - The Rent Statements feature to .NET 4.0 programming .. Upgraded - The Tenant Ledger Report feature to .NET 4.0 programming .. Added - A Group by Charge Code checkbox option to the Tenant Ledger Report option that is available in the A/R Tenant Payment Entry feature .. Added - A new Sample Late Fee Summary to the Rent Statements feature that will list only tenants with LATEFEE activity for any reporting month defined.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The Automatic HAP Adjustment Calculation feature to correct minor adjustment calculation accuracy issues that have come up since the last update release .. Revised - The existing iMAX Communications feature to use HUD's new URL address for TRACS MAT file submissions .. Updated - The HUD-92006 Supplement to Application for Federally Assisted Housing form with the new 02/28/2019 Expiration Date.


LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The Section 42 Transfer window when transfering 100% LIHTC units with the ability to re establish Tenant Paid Rent, Other Non-Operational Charges, and Rental Assistance amounts for the unit being transferred to .. Added - A new Sample LIHTC Rent Roll Summary to the Unit Data Summary feature .. Added - A new LIHTC AMT field in the Income/Expense Entry window of the Tenant Certification Data feature that only displays for layered RD/HUD projects with Tax Credits ( LIHTC ) which allows LIHTC annual income calculations to be different than the calculations used for RD & HUD Tenant Certifications from the same income source .. Revised - The IHDA TST-2A Tax Credit Analysis form to include Vacant units .. Updated - The existing Kansas LIHTC Compliance Rent Roll report to the current legal paper size version.

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