Update Info

Release [ 2013-09-30 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Revised - The Code column on the Find - Waiting List Data window to display the letter "T" for existing tenants requiring to Transfer and the letter "U" for applicants that need Unit Accessibility .. Added - A Custom Report [ SAMPLE_BIRTHDATE_2_CS.RPT ] to the Certification Data Summary - Print options window that displays member Age based on Print Date .. Revised - The naming of temporary files used in generating forms & reports to prevent temporary file access conflicts when printing multiple reports for multiple projects at the same time.

ACCOUNTING: Added - A new POST menu option to the Review HAP Voucher History feature that will automatically post monthly HAP Request Voucher details (including HUD Tenant Assistance Payments, HAP Adjustments, Section 8 Special Claims, Miscellaneous Accounting, etc.) to the built-in Accounting feature.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - A new HUD Lease Amendment letter [ LEASE_AMENDMENT_H_CD.RPT ] to the Tenant Certification - Print options window which is an enhanced version of the HUD 4350.3 Exhibit 7-6 Notice of Rent Increase letter and is the current standard letter ( Amendment ) used at recertification .. Revised - The Automatic HAP Adjustment Calculation feature to correct minor adjustment calculation accuracy issues that have come up since the last update release .. Updated - The built-in HUD 4350.3 REV 1 Handbook reference feature to Change 4 .. Added - A Close HAP Voucher Activations checkbox to the HUD-52670 HAP Voucher History window that will prevent future tenant change activations targeted to HAP Voucher Months that are already submitted for payment, approved or paid.



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