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Release [ 2014-01-31 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Revised - The Unit Transfer of Market Renters to allow the new Tenant Rent amount to be edited during the transfer process .. Added - A new Custom Report Designer report called SAMPLE_FADV_XLS_EXPORT_CS.RPT to the Certification Data Summary feature that will export tenant information to an XLS file for all household members 18 years of age or older in the project so that the XLS file can be emailed to a company called First Advantage [ fadv.com ] which uses it to run Monthly Resident Screening/Monitoring services.

ACCOUNTING: Revised - The A/R Tenant Payment Entry feature by streamlining the number of times the Tenant Charge Code database needs to be accessed during normal payment entry processing, increasing file access efficiency and integrity .. Fixed - The Security Deposit Report issue that was including past tenants when additional Tenant Charge Codes were being selected .. Removed - The Recalculate All HAP Adjustments checkbox option from the Generate a HAP Request Voucher - Setup window, as this is now the standard process for reporting HAP Adjustments.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The Automatic HAP Adjustment Calculation feature to correct minor adjustment calculation accuracy issues that have come up since the last update release .. Removed - The Recalculate all HAP Adjustments checkbox from the Generate a HAP Request Voucher - Setup window which now requires all HAP Adjustments to be calculated at print time with only minor override exceptions .. Added - New Owner DUNS Number, Parent Company DUNS Number, and Management Agent DUNS Number data fields to the Owner Info section of Project Data for future TRACS 202D use .. Added - A new Destination TRACSMAIL ID data field to the HUD Info section of Project Data that will be displayed at the top right corner of the printed HUD-52670 HAP Voucher Request cover page for visual reference.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - A new MINC/XML Tenant Transactions option to the RD .. RD/MINC File Submissions menu that creates the new XML file layout that is required to replace the EDI file by June 2014.

LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - The California Tenant Income Certification form [ CA-Sec42 TIC ] to the October 2013 revision .. Revised - The existing Missouri Exhibit B - Tenant Income Certification Rev 4/13/2009 form ( MO-Sec42 TIC ) from being a form facsimile to incorporating a scanned image of the actual form.

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