Update Info

Release [ 2002-06-17 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: This is a MAJOR RELEASE. An update in our software development tools resulted in a required DLL update for our FHA Software users. Due to the number of extra DLL files in this update that normally would not be included, it has doubled the size of the download file to 17Mb. We will include these new DLL's with future updates for about a month to make sure users that routinely keep up with updates automatically get these required DLL files. Thereafter, future updates will revert back to normal 9Mb update files. The ability to manually download required DLL's will then be provided this web page for those users who missed previous DLL updates.

The new DLL's will solve the Multi-Property Report printing problem in older computer systems with limited RAM ... The Bank Balance Summary was reporting incorrect balances and has been fixed ... The number of Multi-Property Directory groupings was increased from 50 to 1,000 ... The RD/HUD Unit Number Conversion Report was revised to show both RD & HUD units on the same report.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: The RD 1930-7 Project Budget - Capital Improvements section has been revised to allow the user to manually override the automated calculated total on each line item.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: The new Income Type Codes for TANF, which replaced AFDC in MAT file 201B, has been fixed ... The revamped Income Exception Codes in MAT file 201B has been fixed ... 201B MAT file submission problems with BMIR, Sec.236, & HUD-Owned subsidy types has been fixed ... Minor revisions to the creation of 201B MAT files have been done to eliminate future submission problems.

LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: A rounding issue when calculating Maximum Monthly Rent for 1990 or After TC's has been fixed to always round down ... The message that appears when attempting to manually increase a tenant's rent amount above the Maximum Monthly Rent amount has been made more clear ... In Unit Data, the amount of rent the tenant actually pays when different (entered as the RD Owner Subsidized amount) will be the amount reported on all Tax Credit Analysis reports in place of the calculated amount that will be reported on the RD 1944-29 Project Worksheet.

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