Update Info

Release [ 2002-09-06 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: A Registration/Setup Files option has been added to the Data Backup/Restore feature .. The Unit Swap option is now available in the Unit Transfer feature of Unit Data.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Waiting List Summary has been modified to report RD Race Codes instead of abbreviated Race Descriptions .. A new RD Action Process called Co-Tenant to Tenant has been added to RD 1944-8 Tenant Certification processing .. A new RD Action Process called Designate 60-Day Leave of Absence has been added to the Termination of Subsidy feature in Unit Data.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: A glitch in creating MAT files with BMIR HUD-50059's has been fixed .. Acceptable HUD Exception Codes in HUD-50059 compliance monitoring has been revised .. Help screens for the Section 8 Special Claims feature have been completed .. The TRACSMAIL Communications feature now stores TRACSMAIL setup information in a user-readable file called TRACSMAIL.INI that is automatically included in Data Directory Backups and can be viewed in Notepad for reference.


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