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Release [ 2002-12-31 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: TC History - This update includes a major enhancement to the Tenant Certification (TC) database which now maintains a complete history of all TC's processed in FHA Software. Until now, only one TC per unit was kept on file. Although, all effects of previous TC's were recorded in Unit Data History and Changes to Tenant Status sections. TC information was always brought current, overwriting previous TC information. This update has changed that. Now, each new TC processed and saved in FHA Software is added to the TC information database. Since new TC's don't overwrite previous TC's, previous TC's can now be revised, reprinted, reactivated and resubmitted. Adding TC History to FHA Software has solved many problems that were associated with retroactive change submissions such as HUD's Gross Rent Change requirements. Other features, such as applicant TC qualification, can now be accomplished without effecting current tenant information. The most recent TC on file for each unit will always be displayed in the Tenant Certification - Find Window. To view TC History, select the desired unit and click-on OK At the Tenant Certification - Preview Window, click-on the TC History button. A list of all TC's that exist for that unit will be displayed. More detail about this new TC History feature is available in related Help sections of FHA Software.

Added - The ability to automatically transfer Waiting List - Applicant Information when adding a new TC to the Tenant Certification database .. Revised - All RD/HUD/LIHTC form facsimiles now have the FHA Software Release Date noted at the bottom of each page to help identify program use related with form generation problems .. Added - A Reset Unit Data Addresses feature has been added to the File Menu of Project Data which allows the user to have the program automatically reset Unit Address information maintained in the Unit Data database .. Added - Unit History Report information can now be printed in Summary as well as in Detail .. Revised - Dependent & Elderly Allowances and Passbook Savings Rates for both RD & HUD now maintain change history (Multiple Info) in Project Data .. Revised - Multiple Rent Rates, Multiple Subsidy and Multiple LIHTC Income Limits, located in the Multiple Info section of Unit Data, now maintains change history .. Revised - Note Rate & Contract Rent amounts reported on 30/60/90 Follow-Up Recert Letters will always be read fresh from Project Data - Rent Rate Schedules at print time rather than continuing with amounts that were in effect when the Annual Letter was generated .. Revised - Vacating a unit will automatically purge existing Recertification Notice entries, automatically eliminating future 30/60/90 Follow-Up Recert Letters from being generated .. Revised - Retroactive Gross Rent Change processing will now automatically revise all existing Tenant Certifications in TC History that are effective after the GRC effective date. HUD-50059's will automatically become Corrections to Prior HUD-50059's and made available for electronic resubmission to TRACS .. Revised - The Gross Rent Change process can now be rerun without having to delete previous GRC attempt entries.


HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - When activating a HUD subsidized tenant change, the Activation Completed Window now displays the HAP Voucher Adjustment Calculation entry that was saved in the Changes to Tenant Assistance database. This allows the user to immediately confirm the correctness of applicable HAP Adjustments at the point of activation .. Added - When Sec.8 Special Claims are included on a HUD-52670 HAP Voucher, a Sec.8 Special Claims Detail Page will now automatically be generated, as well .. Fixed - BMIR project MAT file creation has been revised to properly submit required BMIR HUD-50059 information to TRACS without error.

LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - A Calculation Method selection box has been added to the Tax Credit Info section of Project Data which allows the user to select how Maximum Monthly Rent will be calculated. Not all State LIHTC Compliance Agencies calculate this amount the same. There are two ways of calculating this amount, Annual Income divided by 12 times 30% or Annual Income times 30% divided by 12. Most calculations result in a difference of $1.00 which could effect compliance. FHA Software defaults to Annual Income divided by 12 times 30%, but now the user can change this calculation method to match their State LIHTC Compliance Agency.

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