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Release [ 2003-12-01 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Added - A new Race / Ethnicity Report to the Reports menu selection .. Revised - TC Detail Report by adding Tenant Specific Address to the heading .. Added - A Reset Tenant Specific Address option to the Tenant Certification - File menu .. Fixed - Run-Time Error "3021" No Current Record when accessing the Tenant Certification database that was previously corrupted with a Run-Time Error "3163" caused by maxing out a household member's Occupation field length.

ACCOUNTING CHANGES: Revised - Printed Check layout by widening the Vendor (Payee) fields printed on the check .. Fixed - Run-time error "380" Invalid Property Value when changing Delinquency Date in the Delinquent Rent Report Setup window .. Added - A new Aged Payables (30/60/90 Day) Report to the A/P - Check Disbursement Entry - Print menu selection .. Revised - Split reported Adjustment & Payment Amounts into two separate columns on Rent Roll Report, Tenant Ledger Report, and Security Deposit Report .. Added - Ability to include A/J - Adjustment Journal Entries to A/R - Tenant Payment Entry - Batch/Deposit Slip Summary .. Added - An automated ability to Include Utility Refund Checks in the Check Printing Process window .. Revised - Made Zero Suppress the default selection in Balance Sheet, Operating Statement and General Ledger Report Setup Windows .. Revised - Simplified the A/R Tenant Payment Entry process by Auto-Inserting Charge Due Amounts when selecting Add a New Payment.



LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - A new LIHTC Maximum Rent Report to the LIHTC menu selection.

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