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Release [ 2004-02-12 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Revised - Waiting List Applicant information to allow under aged ( < 18 ) Head Applicants to be added to the Waiting List for occupancy exceptions and record keeping purposes.

ACCOUNTING CHANGES: Fixed - Instances when Check Printing Process did not record check numbers for all payables included on printed check .. Fixed - Run-time Error 5 when attempting to save A/J Adjustment Journal Entries .. Fixed - Entry validation Errors when attempting to save A/P Check Disbursement Entries .. Revised - A/P Check Disbursement Entry process to allow manual Vendor ID entry selection.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Fixed - Calculation glitch with line 22 - TTL ACCTS PAYABLES on page 1 of the RD 1930-8 Balance Sheet.


LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - Alabama's Tax Credit Summary.

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