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Release [ 2005-02-18 ] provided the following program changes ...

NOTE: This update is only available by CDROM. In January 2005, Simply Computer Software, Inc. updated their internal software development & reporting tools which requires the distribution of new Window DLL files to all FHA Software users (over 36Mb of new DLL files). To insure that all FHA Software users get this update without difficulty, all currently active users will be sent an Update CDROM the last week of February 2005. Users who do not get their Update CDROM by March 4, 2005 should call Customer Service at 1-800-626-2431 ext.#3.

IN GENERAL: Fixed - Gross Rent Change process to correctly carry over previous Effective TC Date and Hispanic/Latino indicator to the new GRC Tenant Certification.

ACCOUNTING CHANGES: Fixed - Check Printing Process to accurately include the correct Utility Vendor Name on applicable Utility Refund Checks .. Revised - A/P Check Disbursement Entry - Recurring Check Ledger window to make removing recurring check status easier .. Revised - A/R Tenant Payment Entry to allow negative payment entry to accommodate partial refund entries .. Fixed - Reset Beginning Balance feature glitch when processing multiple projects at a time .. Fixed - Run-Time Error issue when printing a Security Deposit Report for a specific tenant only .. Fixed - Run-Time Error issue when saving an NSF Check entry .. Fixed - The duplication issue of print recurring checks the first month they recur .. Fixed - The issue with including Utility Refund Checks when Multi-Property Reporting is selected .. Fixed - Beginning Balance issue on General Ledger Detail for Fiscal Year reporting periods .. Fixed - Run-Time Error issue when printing a General Ledger Detail for a specific COA only.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - The EDI Data Summary to show the new Unit Number for Transfer record types .. Revised - RD 1944-8 Tenant Certification Calculation - Detailed Summary window with all four currently used Eligibility Code Selections.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Revised - HUD-52670 HAP Voucher Request generation to properly report Termination Turnover Data and Change Codes.

LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: Fixed - Sec.42 Tenant Income Certification - Detail window to correctly select the proper Unit Meets Rent Restriction at percentage when manually changing Tenant Paid Rent amounts.

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