Update Info

Release [ 2005-05-31 ] provided the following program changes ...

IN GENERAL: Added - Applicant/Tenant Search feature to the Data menu and all Find/Selection windows throughout the program .. Revised - The Change Data Summary - Setup window with a Specific Month & Year Only selection option .. Revised - The Waiting List Data Summary - Setup window with an option to Include All Households, or just Elderly Households, or just Family Households, or just Handicapped Households on the printed Waiting List .. Fixed - RunTime Error '3024' message when attempting to print Project Data Summary in Multi-Project Report mode.

ACCOUNTING CHANGES: Revised - The Work Orders - Edit Cost window to enable both Create A/P and Charge Tenant options .. Fixed - The Sort Order on the Security Deposit Report - Summary .. Revised - The A/P Check Disbursement Entry - Edit Selection window, adding Entry No., Check Date, and Bank Type to the items displayed .. Added - Sort Order options to the Check Disbursement Summary - Setup window .. Fixed - The Preview Report when Consolidate Payables with Same Vendor ID is selected in the Check Printing Process - Setup window.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - The RD menu with the new RD 3560 Handbook Reference .. Added - The new RD 3560-29 Notice of Payment Due form to the RD menu which replaces the previous RD 1944-29 Project Worksheet .. Removed - The obsolete RD 1951-29 Changes to Tenant Status Report feature from the RD menu .. Added - The Review Changes to Tenant Status feature as an RD 3560-29 Notice of Payment Due menu option .. Revised - The RD 3560-29 Notice of Payment Due - Review Worksheet History window to accommodate new form items .. Revised - The RD R/A Assignment Report - Setup window replacing date entry description from Effective Date of RA to Date RA is Available and added Day to Date selection to insure more accurate RA Assignment selection.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Fixed - Special Status Code "M" from being reported on the printed HUD-50059 form.


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