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Release [ 2006-06-30 ] provided the following program changes ...

NOTE: This update is only available by CDROM. Since the March 2006 release, Simply Computer Software, Inc. updated all internal FHA Software report generation features to Crystal Decisions Release XI which requires installation of new Window DLL files. To insure that all FHA Software users get this update without difficulty, all currently active users will be sent an Update CDROM the first week in August 2006. Users who do not get their Update CDROM by August 11, 2006 should call Customer Service at 1-800-626-2431 ext.#3.

IN GENERAL: Added - A new Custom Report Designer feature to the Utilities menu that gives users enhanced custom reporting and custom letter creation abilities .. Added - Custom Report Generation options for Late Notices, Payment Receipts, Rent Statements, Project Data, Unit Data, Waiting List Data, Work Orders, Certification Data, and Recertification Notices .. Added - The ability to limit Project Filename access in the Password Protection feature .. Added - Equal Housing Opportunity, Wheel Chair Accessibility, and Telecommunications Device for the Deaf graphic files to the Bitmap folder for use with the new Custom Report Designer feature.

ACCOUNTING CHANGES: Fixed - Batch/Deposit Report - Batch Number selection issues .. Revised - Check Disbursement Summary with the ability to choose to include Invoice Date or Check Date in selected Beg/End Date Range defined.

RD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Updated - The RD 3560-8 Tenant Certification form to the April 2006 (04-06) release .. Revised - EDI File Analysis feature to allow it to be monitored to the screen .. Added - RD 3560 Versions (2-15-2006) of Illinois RD Approved Lease, Lease Renewal, HUD Lease Addendum, and Lead Warning Statement forms that are printed using the new Custom Report Designer (Generation) feature, also provided with this update.

HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: Added - HUD Income Targeting Report feature to HUD menu options.


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