Update Information

Update Info
[ 2023.07.31 ] is the current FHA Software release.

Program updates are available using the built-in Auto-Update feature which automates the update retrieval & installation process from our internet site. New updates are posted nearly every two or three weeks. If internet access is non-existent or connection speed is too slow for update file retrieval, users can be placed on our quarterly update mailing list.

To retrieve and install an FHA Software update ...

1.) Backup your FHA Software database ( using the built-in Data Backup/Restore feature )
2.) Establish an internet connection
3.) Start FHA Software for Windows
4.) Click-on Help .. Check for Update .. Auto-Update Process .. Get Update - Internet
5.) When file download is complete, click-on Update to install the update

The following are details of revisions, enhancements and new features added with recent FHA Software updates.

IN GENERAL: All Multi-Property Report Filenames are now listed in alphabetical order ... A Release Date Verification utility has been added to ensure that all workstations are running the same software/database release when retrieving updates in networked systems.


HUD SPECIFIC CHANGES: HUD Special Claim ID's can now be entered in 9 to 14 character lengths ... The total number of Gross Rent Change records that can be added to a MAT file has been increased to 1,000 ... Minor revisions have been made to the 201B MAT file creation process.

LIHTC SPECIFIC CHANGES: A checkbox has been added to the Tax Credit Analysis - Setup Menu which allows the user to only include units assigned to a specific Income Limit Schedule ... Minnesota has been added to Tax Credit Analysis Report list.