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Duane D. Tinsley, President
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Duane D. Tinsley is the President of Simply Computer Software, Inc. and has been involved with affordable housing since 1982. Duane is the creator of FHA Software which is currently being used to automate over 5,500 RD, HUD, and LIHTC projects nationwide. Duane continues to be involved with software development and attends industry vendor meetings to stay on top of required changes. Duane also attends and speaks at numerious management association conferences throughout the year which includes sponsor/exhibitor display participation. Most of the SCS website pages provide information about FHA Software for potential clients, as well as existing users. This blog page is a way for Duane to chronologically document ongoing industry related events that he feels are of interest.

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Just reposted the final [ 2008.06.30 ] update release of FHA Software to our FTP site. Broadcast Email Messages announcing this update will be sent out early next week. Quarterly Update CDROM's ( 2nd QTR of 2008 ) will be shipped next week, as well. I had a good time visting with all our users at the RRHA of Arkansas Annual meeting in Little Rock, AR last week. Was able to watch the Arkansas Travelers miner league baseball team play in the brand new stadium that was across the street from the hotel. Today and tommorrow I'll be at the RRHA of Oklahoma Annual Convention in Tulsa, OK and look forward to visiting with our Oklahoma users. Our iMAX Communications testing efforts are coming along. Can't believe July 4th is next week already. .. DT.
Just preposted the [ 2008.06.30 ] update release to our FTP site. Since most our software development efforts the rest of June 2008 will be on testing our iMAX Communications feature, I thought we'd post the update we have so far which does include a fix with processing Terminations that was causing the program to close with a Run-Time Error. We'll send a Broadcast Email Message announcing this update in the next week or so. I will be in Little Rock, AR, Monday through Wednesday of next week, attending the RRHA of Arkansas Annual Meeting. I'm looking forward to visiting with all our Arkansas users at this meeting. .. DT.
Just finished a conference call meeting with the TRACS Software Vendors/Working Group about the vendor testing schedule with the new iMAX System ( TRACSMAIL Dial-Up replacement ) and 202C MAT file revisions. Should be interesting. The first we can look at it is Monday June 9th. We've got our WASS ID's and can't wait to start testing our new built-in iMAX Communications feature. .. DT.
Domin-8 Enterprises just posted an update to the EDGE Accounting program ( Version 3.5.1 ). Craig made revisions to our EDGE Interface feature to match the database changes and posted it to our website today. Users that update to EDGE Version 3.5.1 should also download and install the EDGE Interface update (EDGE351.EXE) that matches it from our EDGE Accounting downloads page [] .. DT.
Just posted the [ 2008.05.23 ] software update release to our ftp site. This update finally activated fully automated accrual accounting features we've been working on for quite some time. Didn't want to release it until we were confident that all the bugs were taken care of. A Broadcast Email Message announcing this update will be sent next week. This update also provides a lot of HUD form revisions that were just released by HUD only a week or so earlier. Remember, both RD & HUD give software vendors at least 3 months minimum time to implement their changes. We got these HUD form revisions out in only a weeks time .. not bad. Our next software update is scheduled for June 30, 2008 which will also be our 2nd quarterly update for 2008. We're currently working on adding a Bank Balance Summary for the Accounting feature, adding the HUD-27061 Race & Ethnic Data Reporting form to the HUD menu, among other revisions that will be included .. DT.