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Duane D. Tinsley, President
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Duane D. Tinsley is the President of Simply Computer Software, Inc. and has been involved with affordable housing since 1982. Duane is the creator of FHA Software which is currently being used to automate over 5,500 RD, HUD, and LIHTC projects nationwide. Duane continues to be involved with software development and attends industry vendor meetings to stay on top of required changes. Duane also attends and speaks at numerious management association conferences throughout the year which includes sponsor/exhibitor display participation. Most of the SCS website pages provide information about FHA Software for potential clients, as well as existing users. This blog page is a way for Duane to chronologically document ongoing industry related events that he feels are of interest.

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For our RD Project users that are getting INVALID SECMENT CODE errors on their RD 3560-7 Proposed Budget submisions to MINC, this is being caused by carraige returns in your Budget Narrative. Copy & pasting your narrative from a Word Document will create this issue. Remove all carraige returns and unecssary spaces so that the narrative is one continuous paragraph of sentences. This will solve this submission issue. .. DT.
We're getting quite a few calls from our HUD Project users who are getting 402 Error messages when attempting to send MAT files through the iMAX System. Awhile back, when you logged into HUDís SECURE SIGN-IN to access EIV or SAVE, you agreed to complete a Security Awareness Training course provided by HUD and have not done so. Your WASS ID is now not able to electronically submit through iMAX until you do. Go to [ ], click-on the Security Training Requirements link and print this 4 page document. Follow the instructions provided to complete the Security Awareness Training course. Make sure you print the Certification of Completion document that is available at the end of the course. When completed, your WASS ID will be reinstated for iMAX Submissions. This may take a few days however. In the meantime, if you need MAT files submitted to TRACS, email them to me along with who you submit them to and Iíll send them for you. .. DT.
Just posted the 2010.05.19 Update Release to our ftp site for the RRHA of Texas Lease program that includes an updated RRHA Approved Lease and Rental Application form. A Broadcast Email Message will be sent later this afternoon announcing this update. A letter will also be sent to all RRHA Texas Lease users by mail, as well. .. DT.
Just posted the 2010.03.31 Update Release to our ftp site and will be sending a Broadcast Email Message out announcing this update on Monday. First quarter Update CDROM's will be placed in the mail on Monday, as well. We held our Annual 2-Day FHA Software Training Seminr here in Rockford, IL and would like to thank all that attended. It's nice to meet with our users and have lots of great suggestions for future updates. TRACS also held a meeting in Washington DC a couple weeks ago that will effect WASS ID use with iMAX submissions. I'll send a separate Broadcast Email Message in a couple weeks with more details about that. Have a safe Easter Weekend. .. DT.
Just posted the 2010.04.30 Update Release to our ftp site and will be sending a Broadcast Email Message announcing this update later this afternoon. Still waiting for HUD to post the 2010 Income Limit Schedule. As you may already know, HUD's EIV site is down and they have delayed implentation of the Security Training acknowledgement procedure that was suppose to be prompted when you login to HUD's Secure System on or after May 1, 2010. .. DT.
The main office will be closed today ( Martin Luther King holiday ). .. DT.
Just posted the 2009.12.31 Update Release this afternoon and will be sending a Broadcast Email Message shortly. Quarterly Update CDROM's are in the process of being sent out, as well. .. DT.
The main office will be closed Thursday afternoon ( Dec 24th ) & Friday ( Dec 25th ) this week for Christmas. Email the Support address with any issues you may have on those days. The next software update release is scheduled for December 31, 2009. Have a safe and happy Christmas weekend.. .. DT.
Just posted the 2009.11.30 Update Release this afternoon and will be sending a Broadcast Email Message out in the morning. 2010 AMFEE Invoices will be placed in the mail on Monday. .. DT.
As a reminder, the main office will be closed both Thursday & Friday ( November 26 & 27 ) of this week for Thanksgiving. Email the Support address with any issues you may have on those days. The next software update release is scheduled for November 30, 2009. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday weekend. .. DT.
Just posted the 2009.10.31 Update Release and will be sending a Broadcast Email Message out shortly to announce it. .. DT.
Just posted the 2009.09.30 Update Release and will be sending a Broadcast Email Message out shortly to announce it. 3nd Quarter Update CDROM's will be sent out by the end of the week. This update has revisions effecting all FHA Software users, especially our HUD users. Tenant Certification History will now maintain multiple HUD-50059's that are effective the same day ( for example: 06/01/2009 Annual and a 06/01/2009 Corrected AR ). This will help provide more accurate adjustment calculations created by the Gross Rent Change process. The latest HUD 4350.3 Rev 1 Change 3 Handbook Reference was also updated. A new Correct option has been added to the Tenant Certification - Preview window that is now used to create Correction to Prior HUD-50059 entries, replacing the process of revising and changing the action to Correction to Prior on the existing HUD-50059 ( which basically overwrote the original HUD-50059 ). Monitor the UPDATE INFO page of our website for more details on all changes included in this update release. .. DT.
We're putting the finishing touches on the 2009.06.30 Update Release and will be posting it to our ftp site by Tuesday, July 7th. A Broadcast Email Message will be sent early next week to announce it and 2nd Quarter Update CDROM's will be mailed next week, as well. Have a safe 4th of July weekend. The office will be closed on Monday, July 6th to observe the holiday. .. DT.
Just posted the 2009.06.30 Update Release and will be sending a Broadcast Email Message out shortly to announce it. 2nd Quarter Update CDROM's will be sent out by the end of the week. .. DT.
Just posted the 2009.05.31 Update Release and will be sending a Broadcast Email Message next week to announce it. .. DT.
Just posted the 2009.04.30 Update Release and will be sending our a Broadcast Email Message shortly to announce it. Besides the release of 2009 Income Limit Schedules, not much is happening with RD and LIHTC form changes at this time. HUD 202C & iMAX change issues seems to be working fine now. Most of our development time will now be spent on enhancements to our accounting feature. .. DT.
HUD just posted their 2009 Income Limit Schedules today which are to be effective 03/19/2009. We've sent a Broadcast Email Message to all our HUD project users at about 1:30pm CST alerting them to this along with instructions for retrieving and entering them in FHA Software. If you are a HUD project user of FHA Software and did not get this Broadcast Email message, please let us know. As you know, both USDA/Rural Development and State Housing Finance Agencies who monitor Tax Credit projects, use HUD's income limit schedules to base theirs on and will be posting them soon, as well. RD project managers will be notified by their RD State Office when RD's income limit schedules are available. Tax Credit project users should monitor their HFA's website for their LIHTC Income Limit and Rent Schedules. Each HFA's State website link is available on our LINKS webpage. I'm looking forward towards next week's FHA Software Training Seminar. The next 2009.03.31 Update Release will be available the end of March 2009. .. DT.
The [ 2009.01.31 ] Update Release for FHA Software was posted to our FTP site this morning. A Broadcast Email Message announcing this update will be sent later today to all registered users. Although all users can benefit from this update, it provides 202C compliance to all our HUD project users. The deadline for 202C compliance is 04/01/2009, so make sure you update your FHA Software to the [ 2009.01.31 ] Update Release as soon as you can. Those HUD project users that are on our quarterly update cdrom update list will be getting this update on cdrom by Monday or Tuesday of next week. The TRACSMAIL phone number used to connect to TRACS with a dial-up phone modem will be disconnected over the weekend. From this point on, all FHA Software users should be using the built-in iMAX Communications feature to send and retrieve TRACS messages over an internet connection. Any user that is having trouble with their WASS ID or the iMAX Communications feature can let us know by email and we'll help solve or determine the issue. Seats are still available for our Annual 2-Day FHA Software Training Seminar being held in Rockford, IL on March 24th & 25th. Registration forms were sent to all registered users in January 2009. Training seminar information and registration form is also available on our website. .. DT.
The iMAX System is down today and is not allowing iMAX web-server access to anyone's WASS ID nationwide. Monitor the TRACS Announcements Page [ ] for TRACS to advise when it will be back up and running. Meanwhile, continue using the TRACSMAIL Communications feature to submit your MAT files if you need them submitted to TRACS at this time. .. DT.
Details about our 2009 Annual 2-Day Training Seminar has been posted on our website. The office will be closed both Thursday & Friday ( December 25th & 26th ) of this week. However, Support emails will still be monitored those 2 days, as well as throughout the weekend. Merry Christmas. .. DT.
The midwest has been pounded with a foot or more of snow and it hasn't stopped yet. We'll be a little short staffed today as a result. The internet has also been effected the last couple weeks and prevented us from sending Broadcast Email Messages. The current update release available is [ 2008.11.30 ] and the next one will be [ 2008.12.31 ] which will be posted the first week of January 2009. Our new iMAX Communications feature is working very well. Anyone having difficulty with their WASS ID being accepted should email me their WASS ID & Password so that we can forward it to our internal TRACS Contact to fix. This is faster than going through the TRACS Support Line. The last update release provides our Texas tax credit property managers the ability to electronically submit tenant changes to TDHCA. 2009 Annual Maintenance Fee invoices are in the process of being mailed out. All base fee rates are the same as they were last year. Have a safe and happy holiday season. .. DT.
Had a great time at the WI-CARH Annual Conference in Wisconsin Dells, WI a couple weeks ago and hope everyone found my Friday morning presentation informative. I would also like to thank the New Smaritan Corporation for hosting the 1-Day FHA Software Training Session we had last week in Hartford, CT for all their site offices. It was a pleasure meeting you all and value your use of FHA Software. We were able to pin down the date of our Annual 2-Day FHA Software Training Seminar for 2009 which will be March 24th (Tuesday) and March 25th (Wednesday) at the Radission Hotel & Conference Center in Rockford, IL. The format will be the same as last year with day 1 being FHA Software RD/HUD/LIHTC Compliance Training and day 2 focused on Accounting. Monitor the Training Page linked from our Home Page for registration information coming soon. This week I will be attending the RRHA of Indiana Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN on Thursday and look forward to visiting with our Indiana users. FYI - we developed the automated version of the RRHA of Indiana RD Approved Lease and the 2009 Lease release is currently available. For those HUD project managers that submit to National TRACS [TRACMPROD], the iMAX Communications feature has been working pretty well. There has been some issues with valid WASS ID's not being recognized by iMAX in the electronic submission process, even though manually accessing the iMAX webserver works. This is an issue within the iMAX system and the iMAX technicians are working on it. Hopefully they'll have it worked out by December 1st when everyone else starts to use the iMAX Communications feature. .. DT.
Just posted the 2008.10.31 Update Release to our website which gives our HUD project users the ability to send MAT files to TRACS using the built-in iMAX Communications feature. Broadcast Email Messages announcing this update will be sent out later today or Monday. If you submit MAT files directly to National TRACS[TRACMPROD], you can use iMAX Communications immediately. Just go into the Setup window and add your WASS ID & Password to all your TRACSMAIL ID Accounts and you're ready to submit. Creating MAT files has not changed and 202B MAT file version will continue to be submitted. If you submit MAT files to a Contract Administrator (CA), you'll have to wait until December 1, 2008 for your CA to be able to accept iMAX submissions. You may want to email your Contract Administrator (CA) to let them know that you have iMAX submission ability. They may tell you that you can submit to them through iMAX earlier than the December 1, 2008 deadline. If you have any questions, please call, fax, or email us. .. DT.
Just got back from the SWAHMA Conference that was held in San Antonio, TX. The TRACS iMAX/202C Panel Discussion I was part of went well and generated a lot of interest in FHA Software later that day at the Trade Show. Again, it was nice to visit with our existing users and show potential FHA Software users our iMAX Communication feature. The very next update will enable the iMAX Communications feature that can be used to submit MAT files to National TRACS [TRACMPROD]. HUD Project users that submit to a State Contract Administrator (CA) won't be able to use iMAX until December 1, 2008 which is the earliest your State CA will be able to recieve MAT files through the iMAX web-server system. We have until March 2009 to release 202C MAT file compliance. However, we will probably include 202C MAT file ability, along with new HUD-50059 & HUD-52670 forms, in a December 2008 update. We want to make sure iMAX is working first before changing the MAT file version. Next week I'll be attending the RRHA of IL meeting in Effingham, IL. Hope everyone got their FHA Software updated to the current 2008.09.30 release. If you didn't get a Broadcast Email Message last week announcing the update, make sure we have the correct email address listed for your account. .. DT.
It was great to visit with all our users who attended the RRHA of Texas Annual Convention & Tradeshow a couple weeks ago. I think my presentation went well and appreciate those who were there. Next week I'll be part of a Discussion Panel at the SWAHMA Conference being held in San Antonio, TX that will be talking about the new iMAX System, along with 202C & HUD Form changes required for HUD project managers. Just posted the 2008.09.30 Update Release to our website. 3rd quarter Quarterly Update cdrom's are in the mail and should be received by the end of this week for all users on our quarterly update list. .. DT.