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FHA Software has been successfully automating the affordable housing industry since 1985 with over 5,500 RD/HUD/LIHTC projects currently relying on FHA Software for their monthly forms compliance, nationwide. FHA Software has been 100% Windows-based since 2000 and continues to be supported by the very same people that created it over 30 years ago. Experience, simplicity, affordability and prompt, courteous support are strong reasons why smart managers use and recommend FHA Software.

RD/HUD/LIHTC Compliance with no entry duplication - FHA Software was the first program to successfully submit to RD’s MINC website and provide RD/HUD/LIHTC compliance without any tenant household entry duplication.

Site or Web-based Installation ... It’s your choice - Your affordable housing management software program does not have to be run from an internet website. If remote access is not an issue or desired, your software and your project database should be running in your computer, not someone elses. FHA Software can be installed in and run from any site or web-based computer system you control.

Reasonable Support & Update Fees with no Contracts - We’d love to charge as much as other vendors, but paying more for a product doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better product. Simply put .. FHA Software works and has been the most cost-effective solution for over 30 years. A typical 75 unit RD/HUD/LIHTC combination project pays less than $750 a year for everything FHA Software has to offer.

Celebrating our 30 Year Anniversary in 2015 !
2015.10.31 is the current software release available - More Info
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